Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One of the biggest cliches on earth is that love is an indescribable feeling. Cliches exist for a reason, that is true, but love can manifest in so many different ways, and those manifestations can be described.

Love is knowing that if you call a friend in tears that said friend will do whatever is in their power to lift your spirit.

Love is sharing your last Rolo.

Love is being completely honest and open with another person and not having any fear for telling the truth.

Love is putting in the effort and smiling all the way through. Love makes the effort worth it.

Love is time.

Love is accepting the truth and seeing it clearly not as personal criticism but simply for what it is, the truth.

Love is taking a friend out for drinks so that she can rant and rave about the hurt and pain she has experienced at the hands of another person.

Love is inviting your friends over for dinner because you know that they either don't have the time, energy or finances for a proper sit down meal.

Love is spending days baking the perfect birthday cake for that special person.

Love is dedicating a song that says more than your own words could ever say.

Love is feeling your heart break as you see the pain suffered by another close to you and you wishing that you could wipe away the pain.

Love is giving your husband a few years worth of savings so that he can finally buy himself a new car.

Love is listening to music that you actually loathe and despise because the person you care about loves it.

Love is when you have two left feet and you dance anyway.

Love is giving your flu ridden friend chicken soup and codeine rich cough syrup.

Love is not expecting an apology, but getting one anyway, and accepting it in whatever form it was given.

Love is getting up while it's still dark outside to drive someone to the airport.

Love is a transcontinental international phone call just to say "I miss you".

Love is the appreciation and admiration of someone's beauty and acceptance of their flaws.

Love is a Vegas wedding preceded by impromptu bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Love is jumping in a pool after your son fell in while you yourself can't swim, glasses on face and shoes on feet.

Love is taking your friend shopping because her current winter wardrobe is simply not sufficient.

Love is a quiet hug.

Love is pulling an all-nighter with someone even though your own exam isn't for another couple of days.

Love is a midnight Starbucks run.

Love is a many wondrous thing, many more than I can list, all we need is love.

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  1. Awesome ideas on love. I so agree, love is so much more than "romantic couple" love with red hearts and roses. There are quite a few things that you list here that I have seen among our friends. The love is definitely there. Great post.