Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's been so long!!

Finally I have access to the World Wide Web again! After weeks of contending with a PC with no Internet connection, I now once again have an opportunity to rant and rave, regardless of the numbers paying attention to my rantings. I love the fact that I am back, since I'm doing this for me. Loving it!

Since the last time that I have posted anything, I must admit that I have no complaints. Life has been pretty sweet - new friends, a serious romantic interest and even work has not been bad. Unfortunately some things have been left on the back burner, like my weightloss and fitness plans. I SO wanted to slim down for the upcoming nuptials of a very good friend, but I've been lazy. Went walking one day last week. Did enjoy it, but it seemed as if life got in the way. I must resist life getting in the way of me becoming fab and fit again!! Regardless, I feel great these days, which of course is a blessing.

Now to return to the order of the day, which is the mini hurricane that hit my town yesterday. I was in Houston when Hurricane Ike hit, and I slept through it like a baby. Not the wind nor the rain woke me. The next morning I saw destruction all around me, months later the devestation could still be seen in Galvaston. Yesterday however, I experienced a storm, which in all aspects could not rival Ike, but it eas devestating all the same, watching the hail come down with the force of God, the wind blowing as if te's purpose was to rip every tree from the ground and have roofs fall on taxi's, and that's what happened, well, not every tree was ripped out, but many were, and quite a few roofs have blown off the buildings they were supposed to protect from the elements. Brick walls were pushed to the ground and there were car accidents. It's the talk of the town, and probably will be for the next week - small towns are like that.

The next order of business is the fact that the weekend is upon us in less than 24 hours, and the plan is to exercise my right to P-A-R-T-Y!!!! WHY? CAUSE I GOTTA! Especially taking into consideration that I've been a good little girl for over a month now. And for anyone that knows me, that's a dang long time. So, pack in your party hats and pop the bubbly!!! We need to celebrate the gloriousness of life. And Audrey's birthday :-)

Till next time.