I've been working on my extended vision board for some time and have been concentrating on the dream home, the travels, the money, the career, the marriage, the family, essentially the dream life. After starting on my HHJ, I realized that the power of visualization and of positive thinking can also be applied to my HHJ. And thus I have found some ladies who's tresses are hairspiration personified. And I believe that this focus will assist me in achieving the health and strength I want for my hair, as well as length retention. As I find more examples of hairspiration, they will be added to this page. 

Katerina Graham aka Bonnie Bennett from Vampire Diaries fame. Long, lustrous hair, completely natural and a hairspiration. 

Michelle Obama: First Lady, lawyer, mother, wife, and still has awesome hair that is very shiny and looks strong and healthy. Oh, and she's 100% natural. Of course she's inspirational. 

Zoe Saldana: That is not a weave. Beautiful hair, low maintenance look, inspirational length. 

Even though it's more than ten years since she has passed, Aaliyah remains an idol. Beautiful and talented, and she had a gorgeous head of hair, all natural and impeccably taken care of. And her signature look above is a personal favorite of mine. I cannot wait for my bangs to reach the length where I can wear it across my eye again, like I did years ago. 

Alicia Keys has wowed the world not only with her amazing voice, but she is also a hairspiration as she has shown us time and time again the versatility of naturally curly hair. Not a weave, and absolutely fabulous. 

Jennifer Hudson - songstress, award winning actress, and inspirational not only because of her thick, healthy shiny hair, but also because she lost over 35 kilograms and now looks HOT!! She was always beautiful, now she's sexy too. Lol. Although she is a lady who's a fan of long weaves, her own hair is clearly healthy and beautiful. Long hair isn't the only aim, healthy, thick, strong hair is the ultimate aim.

Also a fan of the weave, Jada Pinkett-Smith herself has a healthy head of hair. I never judge the weave, it is however very nice to see that her real hair is just as awesome, and a hairspiration. Also, her knots in The Matrix sequels are totally cool. I'm looking forward to the day that my own hair will be long enough to rock those knots. 

In my mind, I will always remember Keshia Knight Pulliam as cute little Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show. In the meantime she has grown into a beautiful woman, and as a hairspiration. No weaves, no wigs, not even relaxer. 100% natural, and gorgeous. 

Is it fair that this woman is in her 40's??? Stacey Dash I will always remember as Dionne from the teen flick Clueless, and I swear she still looks the same as she did then. Her hair is also not a weave, and it is SO shiny! And thus a hairspiration. 

Sofia Vergara is absolutely hilarious as Gloria in Modern Family. Although she's Caucasian, I believe that her hair is also an inspiration, sue to the fact that it is long, thick, shiny, and clearly well taken care of. Sometimes the swing of her hair distracts me from the words coming out of her mouth. This woman is hot and cool all at the same time, and that is awesome. 

Tasha Smith, a firecracker in every role that she has ever played, but I have always loved in Tyler Perry's "Why did I get Married". She also has awesome hair, thick and bouncy. And the bob as a hairstyle is one of my personal favorites. Relatively easy to maintain and yet looks effortlessly stylish no matter the dress code. And thus Tasha, with a natural bob, as a hairspiration. 


I loved the Hunger Games - the books and the first movie fro the trilogy. Regarding the look of Katniss in the movie, I fell in love with that braid! So much so that it is now a goal and point of inspiration - I want hair long enough to pull off that braid! 

Katniss' reaping day hair

Still with the Hunger Games and the style Katniss wore at the Reaping. Yes please!!


I have NO idea who this girl is but I LOVE the hair, and am VERY much planning to wear curls like that once my hair is long enough.