Thursday, May 31, 2012

Knot out...epic fail

This will be short...tried my first attempt at a knot out. Made twelve knots in the front half of my hair and slept with them covered with my silk bonnet. Woke up and unrolled the knots and gently tried to separate to get in order to get cute curls. EPIC FAIL. My hair looked a HOT mess. Felt great because I moisturised and sealed prior to rolling the knots, but looked awful. Ended up spritzing my hair with my leave in, detangling, wrapping while showering and then lightly blow drying and straightening my fringe and just pulling the rest back into the EZ comb bun. Will only attempt this again once hair reaches SL, thank you very much. Saturday...we'll try  braid out. Hope that it goes better than this.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fresh touch up after 13 weeks post

13 weeks post relaxer in my life was a test of patience. My last stretch was 12 weeks and simple logistics prevented me from having this current stretch also end at 12 weeks. Nevertheless, the tresses were relaxed at 13 weeks post with Dark 7 Lovely Beautiful Beginnings No-Lye Relaxer Kit. Yes, I used the kiddie brand, as I have found it years ago to be gentler on my scalp. In addition I stirred in about a teaspoon of castor oil before applying it to my NG to prevent over-processing. After application and smoothing I rinsed and shampooed with the kit's neutralizing shampoo immediately, using ORS Hair Mayonnaise as the mid protein step, which I kept in my hair for about ten minutes, after which I shampooed again with the neutralizing shampoo and one final lather with ORS Creamy Aloe before applying ORS Replenishing Pak which I sat with for 30minutes whilst wearing a plastic cap. After rinsing that I spritzed on some leave in for slip because although my hair was soft, it had very little slip.

HUGE POINT THAT NEEDS TO BE MADE: Prior to starting my HHJ, whenever I had a touch up, when rinsing I would see SO much hair in the tub. My hair broke like it was being paid. It went on for so long that for the longest time I believed it to be the norm. Until yesterday. During the entire rinsing process, I think I saw a maximum of 8 hairs! Yes, breakage and shedding have been reduced to the very minimal in only three months!!! I'm so happy I did a happy dance right next to the tub.

Okay, and we're back. My hair was then roller set and left to air dry in the rollers, which only took a couple of hours. After removing the rollers, I decided to not yet straighten it with heat but to only do that on the first wash day after this entire relaxing session. I strongly believe that my hair looks it's best after that first wash day on freshly relaxed hair. I will at that juncture then also take a progress pic to determine if my retention goal of 2-3 cm have been met (but I believe, just from pulling my hands through my hair, that the goal was achieved). I honestly believe that my regimen is working. It's still a little touch and go, but the important thing is progress, not perfection.

Till next time :-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Opening up a can of worms

We live in a democracy. We have free and fair elections and those in "power" are there because we put them there. 

Is the above really true? If it was why does it seem that we, as a people, as a society, complain more than anything else? We have SO much to say every day about the government and its actions, whether it be on local, regional or national level. We are unhappy with the way things are run, from our schools, to our healthcare system to economic decisions. We put our kids in private schools because the public school system is lacking. We pay a small fortune to a medical aid scheme every month so that should fate turn against us that we have access to private hospitals because simply the idea of being taken up in a state hospital shakes us to our core. We buy 4x4 vehicles that we know will withstand the ever worsening roads and the gravel roads that to this day has still not seen a drop of tar. And we complain about the costs of fuel, even though we full well know that we drive absolute guzzlers. We see the corruption in front of us, and we partake in it. We pay the guy at some government office a couple of bucks under the table so that our passports/identification documents/visas/work permits etc can be processed faster. We complain about the building of monuments and the naming of streets honouring the STILL living and that it's a waste of taxes. BUT DO WE ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT??

You, as a citizen of this country; do you partake in every election? Do you write to your governor and ask them why the public schools don't have the much needed textbooks/classrooms/teachers etc? Do you write to your Minister and demand that the state hospitals be better equipped? Do you pay every cent of your taxes? Are you honest in your dealings with lower government officials? Do you donate to the public school and health care systems? Do you invest your money into local initiatives or do you bury it in some Swizz bank account? Do you support charitable organisations which attempt to better the standard of living of those who cling to the lowest tiers? DO YOU HAVE AN OPINION ON THE ISSUES?? An actual opinion regarding health care, education and schooling, the economy and rights embodied in the Constitution and which you were born with? Do you actually THINK for yourself? Or do you simply follow the heard and BAAAAAHHHHHH all day long like the rest of the sheep?

Do not for one second think that this post is meant as support for the current administration. It's not even a critique on the current administration. It IS a critique on US, the people who should stop complaining and put in some work, bring some action, make our voices heard. WE CANNOT ALLOW THE DRIVER OF THE CAR TO BE LOST FOR MILES AND MILES AND MILES! Because if we continue to keep quiet after the driver already took two suspect lefts, it's our own damn fault if we end up in the woods with no light in sight.'s my question - are YOU a sheep?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bangin and Swangin Challenge - May

I know, I know, I know. Ebony I apologize for my tardiness. Lol. Everybody, here are my goals for taking part in the B&S challenge hosted by Ebony of Longing4Length, specifically for May:

  • GET BACK IN THE GYM - 3-5 times a week, concentrating on cardio
  • Incorporate MUCH more fruits and veggies in diet, at least 2-4 servings a day
  • Drink the recommended EIGHT glasses of water a day
  • Cut down, as in WAY down on refined carbs and sugars
  • Lose at least 2 kg
Regarding the hair part of the challenge, for May specifically:
  • Pre-poo before every wash, alternating between a conditioner pre-poo and oil pre-poo
  • DC once a week
  • Protein treat once to twice a month (my hair can handle it I realise, but more than that leads to over load and breakage)
  • Protective style 90% of the time
  • M&S DAILY!!
  • Sleep with silk bonnet EVERY NIGHT
  • Treat edges with castor oil 3-5 times a week to fill them out. 
Alrighty then. Let the games begin. Happy weekend everybody!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April goals revisited

I have not been here in a minute, and it's actually a little crazy how it has effected me to the extent that just gearing myself up to write this post took a little bit of doing. But I am back, in full swing and complete glory, and although were almost a third into the 5th month already, I need to revisit my April goals, specifically those regarding my hair. So, to recap, those goals were:

  • FINISH at least 3 products from the list below, and it was a success, as I actually finished 6. 
    • Pantene Silky Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner 
    • L'Oreal Elvive Repairing Conditioner 
    • Avon Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner for dry and damaged hair
    • Avon Overnight Elixir
    • ORS Aloe Moisturizing Shampoo
    • ORS Hair Mayonnaise
    • ORS Replenishing Pak Conditioner (1pack)
    • ORS HAIresque Deep Conditioner (1pack)
    • ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion
    • ORS Olive Oil Moisturizer Hair dress (tub) 
    • ORS Hair Fertilizer
    • Dark and Lovely Ultimate Cholesterol Deep Conditioner
    • Dark and Lovely Anti-Breakage Conditioning Repair Mask
    • Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Normal Relaxer Kit
    • Dark and Lovely Oil Moisturizer Spray
    • Castor Oil
    • Coconut Oil
    • Pure Glycerin
    • Kair Light Serum
    • Bone Straight Wrap, Blow and Setting lotion
    • Self made leave in consisting of Protein Feed Conditioner, water and glycerin. 

  • Sleep with the SILK BONNET. In general successful, with the exception of maybe six or seven nights the entire month, thus technically a goal achieved. 
  • Experiment with some other methods of styling. I DID experiment, a little, but it was not extensive. What I did try was the following:
    • phony pony
    • phony pony in a bun
    • headband covering edges and most of hairline
    • wore my hair out (to a wedding, it felt nice)
  • Moisturize and seal EVERY DAY! Unsuccessful. On average it happened only every 2nd day, except for the very first week in May. 
  • Properly pre-poo before every wash, and deep condition more often this month. Unsuccessful. I did not properly pre-poo before every wash, and I experienced a bit of protein overload this month. I also did not give my self proper time to DC every week, and once only kept the DC in for 10 minutes  without heat instead of 45 with heat. 
Three out of five is not too bad in my mind. From this month on wards I'm taking part in Ms Ebony's Banging & Swanging Challenge from Longing4Length, and those goals will be incorporated in my current regime. The above items will also continue to be part of my regime in my HHJ, as the ultimate aim at the end of the day is to have long, lush, healthy hair. I do think that I am retaining length though, I believe that slowly but surely what I am doing is yielding results. Friends are commenting on how good my hair looks and on how it's grown. I can't wait to hit SL. Till next time all. Have a good one.