Friday, May 18, 2012

Opening up a can of worms

We live in a democracy. We have free and fair elections and those in "power" are there because we put them there. 

Is the above really true? If it was why does it seem that we, as a people, as a society, complain more than anything else? We have SO much to say every day about the government and its actions, whether it be on local, regional or national level. We are unhappy with the way things are run, from our schools, to our healthcare system to economic decisions. We put our kids in private schools because the public school system is lacking. We pay a small fortune to a medical aid scheme every month so that should fate turn against us that we have access to private hospitals because simply the idea of being taken up in a state hospital shakes us to our core. We buy 4x4 vehicles that we know will withstand the ever worsening roads and the gravel roads that to this day has still not seen a drop of tar. And we complain about the costs of fuel, even though we full well know that we drive absolute guzzlers. We see the corruption in front of us, and we partake in it. We pay the guy at some government office a couple of bucks under the table so that our passports/identification documents/visas/work permits etc can be processed faster. We complain about the building of monuments and the naming of streets honouring the STILL living and that it's a waste of taxes. BUT DO WE ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT??

You, as a citizen of this country; do you partake in every election? Do you write to your governor and ask them why the public schools don't have the much needed textbooks/classrooms/teachers etc? Do you write to your Minister and demand that the state hospitals be better equipped? Do you pay every cent of your taxes? Are you honest in your dealings with lower government officials? Do you donate to the public school and health care systems? Do you invest your money into local initiatives or do you bury it in some Swizz bank account? Do you support charitable organisations which attempt to better the standard of living of those who cling to the lowest tiers? DO YOU HAVE AN OPINION ON THE ISSUES?? An actual opinion regarding health care, education and schooling, the economy and rights embodied in the Constitution and which you were born with? Do you actually THINK for yourself? Or do you simply follow the heard and BAAAAAHHHHHH all day long like the rest of the sheep?

Do not for one second think that this post is meant as support for the current administration. It's not even a critique on the current administration. It IS a critique on US, the people who should stop complaining and put in some work, bring some action, make our voices heard. WE CANNOT ALLOW THE DRIVER OF THE CAR TO BE LOST FOR MILES AND MILES AND MILES! Because if we continue to keep quiet after the driver already took two suspect lefts, it's our own damn fault if we end up in the woods with no light in sight.'s my question - are YOU a sheep?

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