My Healthy Hair Journey - Progress Pics

I officially started my journey in February 2012, and even though only a few months have  passed, I see and feel progress. Because of this, I am even more motivated, and I know that in practically no time I will have the strong, healthy, LONG hair I've been craving for years.  In an effort to continually self motivate, I now post pictures of my progress as I go along with my hairspiration page, knowing that visualization is a very powerful weapon in reaching any goal. 

February 5, 2012 - the very first day of my HHJ, and at that stage 8 weeks post relaxer, and I believe ear length(EL). Regarding my hair, from now on to be known as the first day of the rest of my life. 

February 5, 2012, back of head. See how ridiculously short, and my nape hair is extremely thick from new growth and at this stage, pretty dry. My ends are brittle and splitting and my hair has no luster or shine. 

February 9, 2012. Only 4 days in, but in those 4 days I have deep conditioned twice, alternating with a moisturizing conditioner and a protein conditioner, roller set with each wash, and have used no heat at all. And   results are visible. My hair is more manageable, in spite of the fact that I was a bit more than 8 weeks post at this stage. 

March 6, 2012. One month in, and 2 weeks post. My hair has grown to the extent that I can fasten it in the back using an EZ-comb, which is not only a protective style, it allows me to create the above style of slicked back sides and high volume top. Heat has been used once in the past month, every wash day I roller set my hair, I sleep with a silk bonnet and I try to manipulate as little as possible when styling. And I believe that it's paying off - I'm retaining length, my hair feels much stronger and moisturized, it's fuller and thicker, and has much more luster than before. 

March 14, 2012. Two days from being 4 weeks post. I can't believe how time has flown. Point of note, in this above pic, my hair was not straightened with any direct heat, it was roller set with larger rollers and then just combed out. I might be a bit premature, but I see progress in length. Yippee!

May 24, 2012. A little over 3 months on my journey, and so far, so good. Definite growth, definite retention. Must now keep on going on, I see full SL in no time!

May 24th, from the side

June 29, 2012. My first visit to a hair dresser since December 2011 and I think that the progress is clear. Keeping spirits high and pushing on to full SL. 

27 August 2012. Yip, the check are a bit more frequent than most ladies on their journeys but I am not the most patient person in the world, and here I love the fact that it is longer than in June and also thicker and healthier still. Pushing on to full SL!!

16 November 2012 - touch up and I can smell full SL! Definitely longer than in August, and even though freshly relaxed, full and healthy looking. And totally awesome considering what my hair looked like nine months prior when I started this journey!

09 February 2013 - one year in and officially SL!!! Next stop - below shoulder bone (BSB), which will basically cover the tattoo on my back, so I'm using that as my gauge. 

5 May 2013 - Full SL baby!! And on that APL train. My tattoo is almost covered by hair, I am so looking forward to the day that it's completely covered, because that's the day I claim BSB.  And I believe it'll be SOON. 

4 October 2013 - Past SL, officially collar bone length, 2 days post, tattoo practically covered, longest layers underneath the tattoo's lowest point. Happiness! 

28 October 2013 - I believe to be full collar bone length and chasing APL hard!

28 October 2013 from the front

9 February 2014 - 2 years into my journey and my lead hairs are grazing APL. Pardon the twisted bra strap, lol! I trimmed my hair a couple of days later, took off about half an inch. 

28 March 2014 - after taking off a weave and getting a blow out. Claiming APL because stylist drew a line across my back where my hemline is and it across my armpits. 

28 March 2014 - my hair is almost as long as Olivia Pope's!!