Monday, October 28, 2013

Some inspiration from the world wide web

Good morning boys and girls, ladies and gents and a happy Monday to you all!

Well, I trust that everone had a splendid weekend. Mine was relatively chilled, apart from my wash day, which made me realise a few things, which I will update you on in another post. This post is about the myriad of hair care blogs out there that form a part of my journey, and specifically about the ones that have in the past couple of weeks jumped out at me from the computer screen. The theme of this post is courtesy of the ladies from Saving our Strands and are as follows:

1. - Ebony from L4L has been an inspiration for me from the very first day of my healthy hair journey, and she continues to be, broadening her inspiration to include a healthy LIFESTYLE journey, having lost a whopping 20 pounds in 3 months and inspiring me to do the same.

2. - I've only relatively recently discoverd Abbi's blog and the post that resonated most is the one regarding the building of a hair care regimen, especially considering that I am planning to simplify and streamline my regimen so as to get the MOST out of it.

3. - This girl's bantu knot out gives me life!!! I cannot wait for my hair to be long enough to get that kind of soft flowy waves from a knot out instead of tight springy curls!

4. - They had the most perfect post about what people are most commonly doing wrong with regard to their haircare and how one can reverse it to turn it into something better and healthier for your hair. Since I'm on a rejuvenating my regimen tip, I found this awesome!

5 - Kim has a great post regarding smoothing ones edges, especially fater a workout, and I am SO going to try this. I'm only a little over 2 weeks post but working out leads to sweaty messy edges regardless and I am not willing to sacrifice the health of my body for my hair, or vice versa, so I am working towards creating THAT perfect balance too.

So, who has been part of your motivation and inspiration?
Blessed Monday and happy growing!

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  1. OMgosh! Tay's Bantu knots are GORGE! Thanks for linking up doll!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands