Thursday, October 10, 2013

So what have I been up to?

Hello there everybody

Firstly, as promised, I will grace you with a length check pic. Now, it doesn't look like there was MUCH of an increase in length, but my hair looks fuller and more even and more in the shape of a U than a V, so I suspect that some of the shorter layers have been playing catch up with the longer ones, which I think is a good thing, so yay!

So here's where I was in May:

And here is where I am now:

I see an improvement, what do y'all think? I'm still aiming for APL by the end of the year. Shorter term - aiming for FULL coverage of my tattoo. 

Regarding the rest of my ife, I've been going to the gym every day, drinking a crap load of water during the day, eating healthy and clean and minimizing calries without going into starvation mode and trying to protect my hair through all of it. Considering doing a co-wash tonight after gym to get the salty (drying) sweat out of my hair and infuse some must need moisture. I am going to try and keep my hair o point whilst working towards a strong and fit bikini bod. Summer's here baby!

What has everybody else been up to?

Have a great Thursday everyone. Just 24 more hours and it's the weekend!!


  1. Your hair looks so healthy! I just cut my thin ends off, so I think you and I have similar lengths now. I'll shoot for APL with you!

  2. I definitely see progress!! I'm aiming to start a fitness challenge. I need to loose a couple more pounds and tone! I'm trying to be wedding fine by June!

    1. The big day is always awesome motivation. Start up that challenge girl, I am in!

  3. i love it! your hair looks healthy and full!

  4. Your hair looks great. I do see progress. It grew and got thicker. Great work! Good job on the healthy goals as well. Total body health is the best health to have.
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

  5. from the other pictures that i have seen, their is definitely an improvement.
    its thicker and longer.

  6. WOW!!!! I see a huge difference, especially from when you first started! So thick and beautiful!

  7. Thank you so much y'all! I'm gonna keep on pushing for APL by December, going to step up my game with protective styling and mimimizing manipulation.