Monday, July 29, 2013

Writer's block

Hello lovely people

I know, I know. I have been rather absent the past couple of weeks. I am struggling with a little bit of writer's block. Oh hell, sometimes it feels as if I'm struggling though a life block, not knowing which road to take, which avenue is more suitable to me or whether I should just go ahead and do the trusted safe route.

On top of all of that, I am generally annoyed with life right now. It seems as if it has been giving me the finger at a fast and furious pace. Even my hair is complaining! The right side of my nape is showing signs of breakage, the edges on my left aren't very happy with me, my new growth is ridiculous for 9 weeks post (yes I KNOW that's an indication of healthy growth. It still looks a little sad) and for some or other reason moisture does not stay put! I need to step it up a notch, and to assist me, I'm planning to install braids within this week, so that for 2 months at least I can simply take care of my hair whilst not having to worry as much as I do now. Also, I need a freaking break from 6-8 hour wash days!

In any event, I feel like I'm floating around in limbo a bit. But I'll be back to earth soon enough. Blessed Monday everybody.

PS snakes in the grass - ain't nobody got time for that!!! Smh!

Monday, July 8, 2013

First visit in over a year!

Good morning everybody, and I'm hoping everyone's having a good Monday so far.

Well, this weekend I went to the Salon for the first time in over a year! The stylist that me, my sister and my mom used for years has moved to my town. My sister texted me her deets and so I made an appointment for Saturday afternoon, just for a simple wash and blow. i prepped my hair by detangling at home and applying my prepoo, which consisted of warmed coconut oil, a TINY bit of ORS Hair Mayonnaise that I had left over and Revlon  Aquamarine Conditioner. I covered my hair with a plastic cap and a bonnet and after chilling at home for about an hour went into town for my appointment.

When I got to the salon she was a little behind schedule, but I only had to sit and wait for about 30 minutes whilst she finished with a blow out. When we got to the sink she was very impressed with the fact that I arrived with prepoo already applied, since she does care about hair health. She was SO gentle as she shampooed and conditioned my hair. And she gave me a nice head massage, I felt like I was in heaven. Due to budget and time constraints we didn't deep condition this time, but it will definitely be on the cards next time. (And yes, now that Didi is in town, I believe that there shall be a next time). She used Angel Haircare products.

To shampoo she used the A-201 Water Depth Spa Shampoo, described on their website as follows: The marine collagen can reconstruct hair cells and repair damaged hair to make the hair shiny and vibrant. To condition she used the accompanying A-301 Water Depth Spa Conditioner, leaving it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing. It is described as follows: Derived from the deep-sea plants, it forms a natural protecting layer to keep your hair moisturized and smooth. 

We then went to sit for the blow out. My hair felt SO soft despite not having had a DC. Before proceeding with the blow out, she spritzed my hair with the Angel A-303 Hair Soften Spray as leave in and heat protectant. She then started blow drying my hair. she's so gentle, I think all the Colombians I hear of on American hair blogs can learn a thing or two from her. She sectioned off my hair and detangled using a very nice wide tooth comb before blow drying each section using a round brush and the tension method. When she was done, she finished my hair with a little Argan oil. I had so much SWANG when I got out of that chair my ego boosted itself up!

And I believe that I see some REAL progress!!

Of course it was also awesome that I got TONS of compliments during the evening out (of course I went out, swang like that does not stay at home!)

Because a blow out is a LOT of manipulation and a lot of heat, it's not something that I would do every other day. But I can see myself visiting the salon a LITTLE more frequently now, like every 6 weeks or something. The good it did my ego and self esteem I think make it totally worth it. 

So?? How was everyone else's weekend?  Enjoy the rest of the day everybody!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The difference between major and mini

A couple of days ago I was asked by Blutiful Blaq what my mini washes entail. so I thought I would honor her request with a quick explanation of the differences between my major wash days and my mini wash days.

The biggest difference is time. Also mini wash days usually fall in the middle of the week before I'm heading out for dinner and drinks with my friends. Major wash days usually fall on a Saturday or Sunday when I have a lot of free time on my hands. The steps are all the same however, which are as follows:

1. Prepoo: On a major wash day I would easily pre-poo my hair for an hour. On a mini wash day, that time is cut to 5-10 minutes, usually the time it takes me to pick my outfit for the night.

2. Shampoo: On major wash days I would shampoo slowly, but thoroughly, focusing on massaging my scalp and being super gentle, having the water flowing at a slow soft pressure. On mini wash days, although I'm still gentle, I increase the water pressure and I speed things up a bit. Mini wash days usually fall a couple of days after a major wash day, so my hair isn't that dirty and I don't need to be so intense during this step.

3. Instant conditioning: This step remains the same on both types of wash days. After thoroughly rinsing the shampoo from my hair I apply an instant conditioner, finger detangle my hair and then rinse. Sometime, on major wash days, I also include a tea rinse that coincides with this step.

4. Deep conditioning: On major wash days I easily DC for 1-3 hours, depending on the time of day, my level of laziness and the TV show I'm watching as I'm deep conditioning. On mini wash days I DC for about 10-15 minutes, whilst I'm in the shower doing everything else that needs to be done before a night out.

5. T-shirt drying, applying leave-ins and rollersetting: These steps are exactly the same regardless of whether it's a major or mini wash day. The big difference is the next step. This entire process takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the amount of new growth that I have.

6. Drying my hair: On major wash days I leave my hair alone to air dry in the rollers. This takes around 3-4 hours. On mini wash days I whip out the hair dryer and dry my hair (in the rollers of course) using the cold air setting, but high speed. This cuts down drying time to around 25 minutes.

7. What I do once my hair is dry: On major wash days, after I take my hair out of the rollers, I apply a little bit of serum and then wrap my hair. Usually by this time it's late, I'm tired and I get into bed and say goodbye to the world. On mini wash days, I do the same except that after wrapping my hair I apply my make up and get dressed. When I'm done with that I unwrap my hair and style it for the night, which usually results in either wearing my hair out or doing a 50's style pin up. And then out the door I go.

And that ladies is the difference between my mini and major wash days - TIME. Major wash days easily take up 6 hours of my day. Mini wash days I spend 1.5-2 hours on my hair.

Do any of y'all have different kind of wash days, or am I the only one? And if you do, what't the big difference between them?

Have a great day everybody!

July goals - time to get serious!

Good morning everybody!

I trust everyone's having a good hump day so far. I've got a headache sent straight from Hades, but it's still a pretty beautiful day.

We have officially entered the second half of 2013. Here in sunny Windhoek it is however still chilly and nippy as we're in the middle of winter. Winter is not a friend to one's hair, and the cold air, accompanied with warm soups and drinks also makes one a little lazy to actually put in the required effort. Which is why I need to amp up my goals for this month, and perhaps also add some body and health related goals in there. Summer is only 4 months away (we don't really get to experience spring) and I cannot continue to look like a pale blob.

So here goes - goals for July:

1. Drink 1-2 liters of water a day. It went pretty well last month, and so I trust that I can continue to keep it up.

2. Do the freaking tea rinses!! I must really do at least 2 tea rinses this month, no excuses shall be accepted.

3. Minimize manipulation of my hair. I must truly try to limit manipulation, including combing to once every 48 hours, it can only be benficial for my retention.

4. Intensify moisturizing my new growth. I'm about 4, maybe 5 weeks post now. My new growth is showing and they need to be pampered.

5. Limit simple carbohydrate consumption and increase consumption of fruits, veggies and lean meat dishes. Keep daily calorie count to 1200.

6. Intensify deep conditioning by adding heat to every DC session this month.

7. Cover hair with silk scarf the minute I get home, every day.  Even though I always sleep with my hair protected, sometimes a person forgets that lounging on the couch can also zap the moisture out of one's hair. So, the minute I get home, I need to pretect it even if I'm just watching a movie on the couch.

And those are my goals for the month. What are your goals for this month?
Have a happy hum day everybody!