Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July goals - time to get serious!

Good morning everybody!

I trust everyone's having a good hump day so far. I've got a headache sent straight from Hades, but it's still a pretty beautiful day.

We have officially entered the second half of 2013. Here in sunny Windhoek it is however still chilly and nippy as we're in the middle of winter. Winter is not a friend to one's hair, and the cold air, accompanied with warm soups and drinks also makes one a little lazy to actually put in the required effort. Which is why I need to amp up my goals for this month, and perhaps also add some body and health related goals in there. Summer is only 4 months away (we don't really get to experience spring) and I cannot continue to look like a pale blob.

So here goes - goals for July:

1. Drink 1-2 liters of water a day. It went pretty well last month, and so I trust that I can continue to keep it up.

2. Do the freaking tea rinses!! I must really do at least 2 tea rinses this month, no excuses shall be accepted.

3. Minimize manipulation of my hair. I must truly try to limit manipulation, including combing to once every 48 hours, it can only be benficial for my retention.

4. Intensify moisturizing my new growth. I'm about 4, maybe 5 weeks post now. My new growth is showing and they need to be pampered.

5. Limit simple carbohydrate consumption and increase consumption of fruits, veggies and lean meat dishes. Keep daily calorie count to 1200.

6. Intensify deep conditioning by adding heat to every DC session this month.

7. Cover hair with silk scarf the minute I get home, every day.  Even though I always sleep with my hair protected, sometimes a person forgets that lounging on the couch can also zap the moisture out of one's hair. So, the minute I get home, I need to pretect it even if I'm just watching a movie on the couch.

And those are my goals for the month. What are your goals for this month?
Have a happy hum day everybody!

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