Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Protein overload

For the past decade or so protein's praises have been sung far and wide, harps have played in the heavens and Dr Atkins made a potful of money. And the benefits of protein were not limited to dietary behavior, as more and more companies realized that these building blocks of life can applied to practically every other product on the market which are targeted to women.

The effects of this of course include the myriad of women who have been on the Atkins diet, on the Zone diet and on the South Beach Diet, and if done in excess experience kidney and gallbladder problems . And, against expectations, it also includes women who have so many protein laden hair products that they suffer from hair breakage and shedding, not understanding why, as protein hair products are supposed to make your hair stronger.

All of this are consequences of protein overload. Too much of a good thing is not good either and therefore I am trying to jump on the balance bandwagon. Enough fruit and veggies, complex, low GI carbs, low fat proteins, enough water, gymming on a regular basis and maintaining a moisture/protein balance in my hair care. Nature has shown us the horrors of a planet out of balance, it's time that we as people sit and take note.

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