Friday, February 24, 2012

Vision board snippet

I got up and felt like crap, I went to work and sat down at my desk and felt like crap. I attempt to inspire myself, but today it seems as if inspiration might be dodging me at every turn and corner. So, for the sake of cheering myself up and to make it even more tangible, I will post a few of the pictures that form part of my vision board. I need the upliftment, and I need to see that the day of tomorrow will be ten times better than the mood of today.

The above are just some of the dream elements that I want for my dream home. I am putting it out there and son it will come to me as it is my heart's desire and the Universe will not deny me, I believe and I have faith.


  1. Hey Robyn, I love your wish-board pics. The pool with the little water fall looks so inviting. I definitely believe in having a wish board and the power of positive thinking and visualization. Also, your wish board reminded me that I always wanted a home library too, which I haven't put on my wish board. Will be doing that soon. Thanks, and great blog btw.

  2. Thanks dude. And yay, you're here :-) I'll be putting up some more vision board stuff as I find awesome representations of my soul's desire.