Monday, February 13, 2012

Cupid can kiss my a$$

For the first time IN MY LIFE I am in a committed relationship on Valentine's Day. And of course as Murphy would have it, my beloved is hundreds of kilometers away from me. And it feels as if V Day is on steroids this year, it's red and white everywhere I look. And hearts and flowers, and all I want to do is watch an extremely violent action movie! I have always hated this day. And now that I am in love, I can't even celebrate my love. FML

On another note, went to a Retro Aerobic class yesterday, and it was the BOMB. I will definitely go again. In fact, the instructor, Andrie, is such a force to be reckoned with, I want to attend all her classes. I have not been this active in years and I pray that the weight will correspond to the activity.

Lastly, I'm going on ten weeks post and the arrangements have already been made to relax my hair this coming Saturday with the help of a friend. With my new found anal retentiveness when it comes to my hair, I will prep my hair with moisturizing oil to protect the previously relaxed hair, will be strict to NOT overlap, will NOT exceed the timing chart and will shampoo with the neutralizing shampoo till I'm sick of it. A tip I found which I will try is to, after about the 4th lather and rinse, to keep the neutralizer in my hair for 10 to 15 minutes, to ensure NO over processing. After relaxing will use a moisturizing deep conditioner and then rollerset and wrap. Heat is reserved for special occasions.

Well, enough rambling for one post.

Random thought of the day: Considering having my nails done on Friday. Guess that makes it a pretty girly weekend. Can't wait for rugby season!

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