Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The obsession rears its head

At the end of this week, I'll be 6 weeks post. In the past, this would have been the stage where I would put the home relaxing kit in the budget, especially considering that my edges show the new growth the clearest. Since I've been on my HHJ, I have made the conscious decision to not follow my old routine anymore, but to consider the health of my hair and scalp and my goal to grow my hair longer than it's ever been. Thus I am now officially entering a stretch. The last time I relaxed, I did so at 10 weeks post. In addition, my hair was slightly under processed and I feel slightly texlaxed. Now, for a girl who has been relaxing her hair bone straight her entire life, the texlaxed hair feels like a bit of a nuisance, and essentially I now have two points of demarcation, and thus hair that simply wants to break off. What I'm already doing to prevent this:

  • Avoiding heat. I must admit, I did a heat pass a week ago with my straightening iron. In my defense, it was the first time in over a month. That alone is a major victory for me, since I was married to my straightener!
  • Deep conditioning ten times more than I ever did in my life before entering this journey, alternating between moisture and protein to prevent overload. 
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. seal, seal, seal. Which reminds me, I need to buy more coconut oil, my current bottle is on its very last legs. I also wish to get castor oil. I want to test it as I have heard numerous testimonies praising its use as a sealant and growth aid. 
  • I roller set religiously. My hair hasn't received a straight blow out in over three months. 
  • Wide tooth comb, wide tooth comb. 
  • Low manipulation. Although I comb my hair every day,I do so extremely gently, also checking my combs for hair once I'm finished. Once my hair is in its set style, I refrain from messing with it through out the day. 
Now, despite the above, I'm still experiencing more breakage than I would like, especially around my edges, even though I do not wear styles that put much strain on them. Although it's much less than it was before, I wish to minimize it even more. What follows are what I am going to try to incorporate into my regimen to assist me in my stretch and to retain as much length as possible. My main goal regarding retention is to retain 3cm by 11 May 2012, which is the scheduled next relaxer date. 

  • MUST sleep with silk bonnet or scarf EVERY night. I have become a little lax in this department and I need to fix it. 
  • Ask significant other very nicely to not play with my hair as much when we're watching movies. He loves it but my tresses don't. 
  • Healthier diet, healthier diet. Once again, many testimonies exist as to how a healthy diet assists in healthy hair. And a healthy body.
  • Drink more water - connected to the point above. Moisturize from the inside. And healthy for me too. 
If anyone out there has any additional thoughts or advice, it would be appreciated. I do not plan on transitioning, but dealing with 3 different textures can be maddening. So, I will continue to be vigilant and I pray to reap the rewards very very soon. 

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