Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Drama, drama, drama

Well, ladies and gentleman, it's official, Murphy HATES me. And I don't know what to do anymore to get this little bastard on my side. Okay, okay, details.

On Saturday, my apartment door lock broke and I was locked inside my apartment, had to call for help to get out. Was trapped in a TINY bachelor's flat. Eish, at least got out of there and then had a great day of sun, wine coolers and rugby! And a great evening of ciders, shots and playing "I never". It's great acting like you're 21 and in college again.

Move on to Monday. When my car's remote decided to stop working and my car refused to cooperate and stayed locked no matter what me, Ash or mechanic from the dealership tried. My car can officially not be broken into without causing major damage. Unfortunately, major damage has now been caused, in order for my car to move and for the dealership to fix the problem, my window had to smashed out. Watching that happen stung. But we're on the road to healing and fixing now, hopefully I'll have the Phoenix back before the weekend. And a free courtesy car is in the works, hopefully available within the next couple of hours.

Now, to move on to a lighter topic - my hair! t's been a while since I've rambled about my tresses, but I must say that I think my new regimen is yielding results. Of course patience is the key word, but I am getting compliments left right and center and I think that is a major achievement. Also, I do believe that I am actually retaining length. The basis for this belief is the size rollers that I use to roller set, and the fact that I am using more and more larger sized rollers, especially compared to the start of my journey. I am planning to post progress pictures soon, even if just for my own personal encouragement. Another major personal achievement is the lack of heat I use on my hair. My GHD and Toni&Guy straighteners are beginning to feel slightly obsolete, but I'm not giving them away, one never knows when they might simply rescue a style attempt. I am very proud of myself though for the minimal manipulation on my hair, minimal heat, as well as being vigilant to sleep with a silk bonnet every night.

As a sign off, I would like to express thanks to Ebony from Longing4Length for the awesome tips and advise and encouragement. To her credit I am wearing a Rihanna-esque hairstyle today and loving it.

Now, a question to y'all - any latest experiences with Murphy where you wish he was tangible so that you could kick his ass?

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