Monday, March 19, 2012


I crave it, I desire it, I wish for it, I dream of it, I need it, I attempt to the very core of my being to attain it. Balance is so essential to one's physical and mental well being, and ironically, although the concept is simple enough, so few people are truly balanced and have achieved true equilibrium.

Yes, it's true. My sense of balance and equilibrium will not be the same as the next person's, but it is essential for us to have that sense of inner peace. Once we are balanced, then we don't feel empty and unfulfilled. We don't feel as if we need to chase the next high, whether that high be manifested in the form of a raise, a promotion, sex, alcohol or drugs. Once in balance, and were we to work diligently to maintain said balance, then emotions won't fly high and hysteria will not ensue. We won't feel the need to shout at our partner, because, even if slighted, we will know how to approach the situation calmly so as to restore balance. We won't feel the need to drink ourselves into a stupor, because we won't recognize that, when inebriated that we are particularly out of balance, in more ways than one. (Have you ever seen a drunk person be able to stand on one leg for longer than 2 seconds? I didn't think so) We wouldn't feel the need to chase after the opposite sex, having meaningless encounter after meaningless encounter, because we wouldn't fear committing to another person. We wouldn't feel unhappy in our jobs, careers or professions, because we would be balanced and fully realize and understand our own capabilities and talents and will not allow to be dictated to in such a way which would disrupt our equilibrium. We would be able to appreciate the beauty around us and the beauty within ourselves and will not have self esteem issues, because we are at peace with ourselves and we consciously work towards maintaining that peace. And thus we will recognize those out of balance and not allow them to declare war on our balance.

Once in balance, the sun will shine brighter, the breeze would blow softer and cooler, the air would smell sweeter. Food will taste better, music would sound better and sex would feel amazing. Our bodies will be healthier and our minds clearer. Wars would end and peace would reign. If only we can make the effort to find balance within ourselves. It's like a smile, it's contagious, in a very good way. Because those who see you, if they are out of balance, will admire you, recognize the balance that you exude and then work to bring balance within their own personal realm.

So...personal missions for the week.

  • Go to gym more regularly - must find balance in calories consumed and calories burnt
  • Sort out my desk at work and calmly work through all my files, and approach my boss to give me a couple of active files that need attention - find balance between passive work activities where I wait for responses and active work activities where I take the lead 
  • Speak to my fiance in a calm manner at all times, exude the love - find balance in my relationship
  • Eat more veggies and drink more water - find balance in my diet
  • Moisturize and seal my hair more diligently - correct the protein/moisture balance to reduce breakage and shedding. 
  • Make more regular contact with my family - find balance in relationships and time spent between friends and family
  • Pray more regularly and distinctly - find a balance in my life and my faith
I crave it, I desire it, I dream of it. And now I shall start working towards attaining it. What parts of your life do you think needs balance?

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