Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My stash!

Good morning everybody! It's Tuesday y'all and honestly I am already looking forward to the weekend. I feel like I'm coming down with something and it completely blows. I'm hoping that after some self medicating tonight that I can stop whatever this is in its filthy tracks. 

Now, in my last post I promised that I will show you guys what I currently have in my hair product stash. some of these are brand new, some are old reliables and some I bought in the very beginning, only learning later that my hair does not like them that much. I however HATE throwing things away, so I tweak them a little to continue getting use of them. One has to recycle, money does not grow on trees! 

So first on the list are my shampoos. The two I use most often at the moment are the Protein Feed Moisturizing Shampoo and the Tresemme Ultra Moisture Shampoo, as seen below. 

The Tresemme is fast becoming my preferred suds. My hair feels sooooo soft after using it and although it contains sulfates it does not leave my hair feeling stripped in any way, even though it is definitely clean. The Protein Feed I grab when I feel like I have a lot of product build up and I need a more clarifying effect from my shampoo. 

Next up, my instant (and sometimes pre-poo) conditioners. 

From left to right we have: Avon Advanced Techniques 360 degrees Nourishment Conditioner with Argan Oil, Revlon Aquamarine Normalising Wild Fruit Conditioner. Tresemme Thermal Recovery Conditioner and Tresemme Split Remedy. The Avon and Revlon conditioners I primarily use to prepoo, mixing it with heated up coconut oil. Last night specifically I pre-pooed using a mix of coconut oil and the Revlon. It gives amazing slip while prepooing and my hair feels buttery. It is the ultimate of cheapie conditioners, running for N$13 at local retailers. (That's about $1,20 American) The two Tresemme Conditioners I use as instant smoothing conditioners after shampooing my hair. The Thermal Recovery is quite nice, sinking into my hair, with some slip and my hair feels soft after rinsing. The Split Remedy...I'm still on the fence. Yes, awesome slip, but it just sits there...I've only used it twice, I might have to use it a couple more times before giving a definitive opinion on it. 

Next up, the DC's, the holy grail of a good wash day (at least in my mind):

From left to right: ORS Replenishing Conditioner - my staple deep conditioner. It's a light protein and also moisturizing, so it has the balance down! I love the scent, how it simply sinks into my hair, how my hair feels like butter afterwards, simply love it! Next, Sofn'free Hair Mayonnaise.I bought this on a whim, AND it was on special. It's mpre of a hard protein and thus I use it sparingly. It also doesn't give much slip, so next time I use it I think I'm gonna mix in some coconut oil. Then Avon Advanced Techniques 360 degrees Mask with Argan Oil. Not too crazy about this one, I started mixing it with my prepoo mix, will not be repurchasing. And lastly a packet of ORS HAIRepair Nourishing Conditioner. I used this last night as my DC and I LOVE it - moisturizing, slippy, sinks into my hair, almost feels like one pack is not enough for my shoulder length tresses. I wish they could bottle this as well! 

Next step are the leave in products: 

Left to right - Kair Ultra Light Silicone Serum, Avon Advanced Techniques Moisture IQ Leave In Treatment and TCB Bone Strait Conditioner and Blow Dry Lotion. I usually apply a mix of all my leave in conditioners to my hair. The Bone Strait is of course an old faithful, awesome in every way sense and form, from price to results I get. It will ALWAYS be in my stash. The Serum is great too, especially as it's very light and it also reflects light, so my hair looks nice and shiny. The Avon I might not repurchase. A little goes a long way though and this bottle is still very full and I've had it for 2 months now, so we'll be walking this road together for a while. 

And moisturizers...

On top is the new Dark & Lovely Amla Legend 1001 Oils Cream. I bought it yesterday and I tried it out lats night after taking my hair out of the rollers but before wrapping. After one try - I like!! It might become a staple. 

Below we have all ORS products - the Hair Fertilizer, the Olive Oil Oil Moisturing Hair Lotion and the Olivie Oil Hair Dress. The Hair Fertilizer is great for head massages, my scalp actually likes it. But I limit it to a couple of times a week, close to wash day, the smell is a little yucky. The Hair Lotion contains mineral oil (I only found out after I bought it that it is the devil to a hair journey) but I sometimes still use but I mix it with clean water to up its true moisture quotient. The Hair Dress I use similarly to the fertilizer because it is SO thick and it makes my hair heavy. These are three products that once they're finished I shall not be repurchasing. 

And there you have it folks. My stash. What is not included is my coconut oil (forgot to photograph it), my box of rollers, my blow dryer, my straightening irons and my pins, grips and ponytail holders. I realise it's not THAT many products, but the junkie in me wants MORE, lol. I am really considering getting some more oils like olive oil and castor oil and to incorporate them more into my regimen. 

How does your stashes look? 
Have a happy Tuesday everyone and happy growing! 


  1. I like the diversity of your stash in terms of brands. I used to use Tresemme years ago don't know why I stopped but am looking into getting the products back into my stash. I can see Soft Sheen Carson have introduced the Amla Legend into the African market under Dark and Lovely good stuff! The Optimum Amla legend products by the same company came out a while back.

    1. And I just had to blog about the Amla Legend lol:)

  2. I've never saw that Alma Legend moisturizer. Would love for u to do a review after a few uses.