Thursday, August 22, 2013

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Hola there everybody.

So I've been thinking about the fact that if one is to achieve any goal, then one needs to put a plan in place, with easy enough to follow directions and steps. Break it down and before you know it you are where you need to be.

Right now, I'm planning two things - what the hell I'm going to wear to a MUCH awaited wedding of friends of mine, and what I'm going to with my dang hair.

First off, wedding celebrations - I have been told that the area where it's being held is hot, even though winter isn't over yet, so I need to come prepared with summer outfits and a respectable (read - not too much skin showing) comfortable dress. So, last night I already rummaged through my wardrobe and came out practically empty handed. It being THAT time of the month, my broke ass can't go buy an outfit, so I did what girls do - I asked a good friend if I can borrow something from her. I got the yes, so outfit wise I think I'm set. I'll pack in sandals though, my ankle is still not a 100% after ripping through some ligaments a while back so heels will SO not be my friend.

Secondly - what to do with this head of mine...Well, I'm planning on giving it a nice thorough wash tonight, including every step to have it be banging and swanging (which includes dusting my ends and lightly straightening it). I will pack the essentials, which included my moisturizer, coconut oil, wrap, satin scarf and pins. If the humidity decides to mess with me up North then I'll just pin these babies up! Believe me, Namibia has two seasons, winter and summer. And in the North, it's summer time already!

And there you have it - short and sweet, lol. What are y'all weekend plans? Have a good one!

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