Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transition thoughts

Hello there boys and girls. (hhhmmmm, I wonder if boys actually ready any of my posts...)

First of all, let me just say that I'm biting the bullet and this afternoon after work I am going to the salon and have braids installed, although I think I might actually go for the single twists. Regardless I'll be in a long term protective style for about two months. Currently I'm 14 weeks post and thus will be doing my longest stretch ever thanks to the intense protective styling. It'll be my first time since I embarked on this journey and I shall be diligent to continue caring for my hair whilst in braids. If I keep them in for a full 8 weeks, I'll be 22 weeks post when I take them out and thus comes the million dollar question - what then?

I have been having random thoughts of transitioning to natural for a couple of weeks now. My new growth has been behaving, I've been able to nurture it without driving myself crazy, and last night I looked at it and I swear, I saw a curl wanting to form. So, I've started researching transitioning (because I am so NOT brave enough to do a big chop) and the info out there is quite encouraging. I have experienced major bouts of fro envy lately looking at the gorgeous naturalistas around me and after seeing that suggestion of a nice curl, my head is leaning a little towards making the switch. IF I DO, I will be a long term transitioner and I can see myself employing long term protective styling like braids to assist me and to prevent me from manhandling the two different textures on my head.

I'm not making any decision yet, nothing is set in stone. Who knows, once the braids are out I might be reaching for that ORS box at the bottom of my closet. I have been relaxed most of my life and it's what I know and comfortable with. At the same time at least once a day my brain says to me"what if we go natural? That could be cool right?" Since this is a journey I felt that I needed to express where my head has wandered to and ask ya'll...what are your thoughts on transitioning? Any tips out there? Any tips on how to come to a decision? I don;t want to do anything that's going to hamper my current progress regarding health and length. So, what do y'all suggest??

Have a great Thursday y'all. Just one and half more days to go and it's the freaking weekend!


  1. I think about transitioning near the end of long stretches too. I rarely rock my hair straight (anymore), I love big hair, and being texlaxed is only a shake & bake away from being chemical straightener free.

    Folks like Age in ATL makes it look so easy! Check her blog while you're in your braids to get a first hand look at long-term transitioning. It's not really about if you *can do it* and more about if you *want* to do it.

  2. I think transitioning is a great time to get to know your hair even better. The new growth and your relaxed ends probably like different products and certainly behave very differently. I would also consider hair styles and time as well. If you prefer straight hair and don’t have a lot of time, maybe going natural right now isn't the best time; you might find yourself frustrated. I’m almost 9 months post, and I’m still deciding. No rush lol.

    Definitely post pics of your braids/twists and let us know how you’re feeling in 2 months!

  3. I too thought of transitioning during my 7 month stretch. It was during this stretch that I discovered that I could go natural. I just wouldn't be a long term transitioner unless I do it while protective styling b/c I experienced some breakage during that stretch. I look forward to seeing what you decide.