Monday, May 12, 2014

Twists Hairstyles

Hola everybody! How was your weekend, mine was a blast!

So, I was just playing around on Youtube today when I found the tutorials below, and I am going to try all of these hairstyles during the tenure of my twists and long term protective styling. What hairstyles do y'all prefer when protective styling?

Have a good Monday, and happy growing!!


  1. Lovely twist hairspiration! I usually enjoy twists or braids as protective styles. But this Winter im kicking it up a notch with wigging and enjoying it so far. Glad to find a fellow hair blogger in Namibia :-)

    1. Thanks hon! I'm also glad to find a fellow Namibian hair blogger. I wonder if there are more of us out there??

  2. I wish I knew someone I trust enough to do twists in my hair because I would love to try a 6 month stretch.

    I tagged you on my blog, hope you accept! :)