Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring...and wanderlust!!

Good morning people, and happy Spring time. Although, let's be honest, in this beautiful country of ours, there is TWO seasons, those being Summer and Winter. Autumn and Spring are illusions which we would love to buy into but we actually only feel them once the sun goes down, since the days are already cooking. All said and done we all adjusted our clocks yesterday as it was the end of daylight saving and me body and internal clock takes about 3 days to adjust to a ONE hour adjustment on the clock. Now can you imagine the pain and agony I go through whenever I fly through a number of time zones?? I have the worst jet lag ever!

Regardless of having the worst jet lag, the wanderlust has me by the throat, and since I can't go anywhere anytime soon, I've been drooling about the following places for the past couple of weeks. I'm putting it out there and the Universe in it's infinite wisdom will show me the way on how to get there. Anyone else wanna go anywhere?


Stairs to the Sea, Negril, Jamaica

Le Tour Eiffel: Blossom And Towers: Paris

New York..New York..New York!

Have a good Monday everybody!!

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