Thursday, August 30, 2012

First wash after touch up

Freshly relaxed hair is such a joy to work with. Detangling takes next to no effort and it just feels as if product application is easier as it gets to every strand. The first wash day after a fresh touch up to me is always fun, but I think I made a little mistake on this one. It was not a train smash, not in the slightest, but I also learned a little something. More on that later. 

Okay, to quickly go through the process:
  • Pre-poo hot oil treatment with coconut oil for almost 2 hours. spent it watching Spartacus. Oooh la la!
  • Shampooed with my Avon Moisturizing Shampoo, trying my best to massage my scalp and have the run off cleanse the length. 
  • I blotted as much water from my hair before applying VO5 Give Me Moisture Conditioner, a new product I'm trying out, and I loved it immediately. Thick and creamy in texture, light in fragrance and gives plenty of slip. I put on quite a bit, detangled and combed it through and then continued with the rest of y bathroom duties. 
  • Rinsed the conditioner and my hair felt SO soft. I think I have FINALLY corrected the protein overload I gave myself a few weeks back. 
  • And here's where the mistake came in. I applied my leave in's, ORS Olive Oil Glossing Polisher and Avon 3D Rescue Leave In treatment, and I think I applied too much product unwittingly, which I discovered later. 
  • Roller set, air dried and when I took out the rollers I realized that I did indeed put in too much product. My hair felt weighed down and heavy instead of light and bouncy. Soft - yes, well moisturized - yes, shiny - yes, light and bouncy - no. 
Lesson learned - the amount of product needed when one is freshly relaxed is no where near as much as when you're deep into a stretch. The rest of the routine was awesome though and I will replicate it next wash day and just tweak the leave in prior to roller setting so as to get the bounciness back. 

Till next time, have an awesome day everyone

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