Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trying something new...hairwise

I know it's been a minute, but between exams and feeling listless, the opportunity to blog wasn't there. However, I do think that it's high time to give a bit of a hair update. Unfortunately, I won't be posting pics now, but I plan to post quite a few soon. This one I'm keeping short and simple.

Okay, what my hair is currently doing is driving me a little CRAZY. I'm 13 weeks post and I'm planning on touching up this weekend, but all things considered, that is not guaranteed. It is needed though. I'm starting to experience additional breakage, especially around the demarcation point and it is quite disheartening. Also, my hair feels brittle, such as if caused by a protein overload, despite the moisturizing conditioners and daily moisturizing and sealing. This past wash day I used 3, yes, T-H-R-E-E conditioners - my Aussie, Tresseme and Pantene, and my hair STILL didn't feel soft as I was roller setting. I'm thinking of washing my hair tonight and to do a DC with heat for at least a good hour, just to check if it makes a freaking difference.

Styling wise, I've been trying a few new things, that being flat twists in front and bunning in the back and pinning up my hair using hair grips. My experiences are that my head does not like my hair being pulled back tight for a long time, more than 4 hours being too long. My head started aching, so flat twists will be reserved for going out to dinner and not for going to work! The pinning...I'm still learning,but I'm getting compliments, so I'm doing something right :-)

Lastly, I've come to realise that I truly do not like winter. It's still freezing, and spring is supposed to be around the corner. What gives? I'll take warm and humid over cold and dry any day, and I suspect my hair readily agrees. So, come on SUMMER!

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