Monday, September 3, 2012

In need of a new wardrobe!!

To all the ladies out there, don't you just hate it when the new season rolls around and you look at your wardrobe and you just feels the good mood you woke up with fly right out the window? That has been me for the past few days. Yes, the weather is lovely. Yes, I can pack away the chunky sweaters and thick socks. The sad part...I also pack away my boots, scarves and coats, the clothing items necessary for winter and which I LOVE. Now that's spring's here and the season of exposed skin is back, all I can see is how pudgy I got over winter (yes, I'm back in the gym already, but still) and how freaking WHITE I am. My thighs look like those of a ghost and the blue veins shining through on my arms make me feel like a poor rendition of a Jackson Polluck! The biggest issue though, every freaking morning - what in the name of Zeus am I going to wear??? So I found some lovely ideas on Pinterest and in the coming weeks will attempt to recreate them with what I currently have in my closet and then start hitting the sales. Here's a bit of a visual:

spring's here

Too freaking cute!

Perfect for a lunch with the girls

Springtime! <3


I like to be comfortable.


Now to rummage through my closet, find the existing items and be creative!! Have a good week all!

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