Thursday, June 21, 2012

Successful experiment!

So, I got home last night and looked myself in the mirror. I have been a very good girl the past 4 days, moisturizing and sealing religiously, as little manipulation as possible and sleeping with my little silk wrap every night without fail. However, as it being winter, I'm sealing with serum, specifically ORS Glossing Polisher, which is heavier than coconut oil and thus my hair felt a little grimy and ready for a wash. After making the decision to wash I also eyed the left over colour from a couple of months ago, Caivil Ebony Black, a temporary rinse containing no ammonia or peroxide.

So I grabbed the colour and contrary to the instructions on the box I applied it to my dry hair, covering the detangled strands as much as possible. After that I slathered on Protein Feed Conditioner as a pre-poo right on top of the colour, covered my head with a shower cap, then a HOT towel, and a plastic bag over that and then enjoyed a cup of coffee and an episode of Supernatural, or two. I then jumped in the shower and proceeded with my normal wash day routine except that I didn't DC last night.

Regardless my hair came out SOFT and the colour intense. I proceeded to roller set, spritzing my home made leave in as I went along, dry with my hairdryer being on the cold air setting and then wrapped up my hair and passed out whilst watching more Supernatural. (Oh Dean, oh Dean!! He is so fine!!) This morning I simply bunned my hair with the help of an EZ comb, and my hair is soft, shiny, glossy, and the colour is lovely. I'm almost 5 weeks post and although I clearly feel my NG, it's not a bother, my hair is so soft that the freaking EZ comb wants to slip out if look over my shoulder too fast. And I love it!! All in all, I would say, a success.

PS Loving the HHJ, especially the random compliments from friends and colleagues. :-)

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