Monday, June 11, 2012

It's true, your feelings are powerful!

We've all been there. We've read The Secret and listened to the Teachings of Abraham Hicks. We have heard how positive thinking can uplift your spirit as well as your circumstances. If you're sick, think healthy. If you're hungry, visualize that awesome meal and before you know it, someone will invite you to dinner. If you're struggling financially, don't focus on it, and you will receive in abundance. Do not speak of what you don't want, speak of what you already have and are grateful for and of what you desire to come as if you already have it. And then FEEL the gratitude, love, joy, happiness that goes along with that desire being in your life.

I have perfected that kind of thinking in certain areas of my life, but today I realized that I have been a fool,  because when it came to the big stuff, my head was filled with negative thinking. I was selective in using the Secret and applying the power of Attraction. My relationship hit some major bumps in the road,and it would not have if I just re-tuned myself onto a more positive frequency ages ago. Yes, it takes two to tango, but one person's energy can greatly influence that of his or her partner, I know that now more clearly than ever.

I know of a loved one who's finances are a mess, and they stress about it all the time. Mine are a mess too, but I try to not focus on it, and yet, I am always provided for. I have a roof over my head and food in my belly every day. But still I have not filled my mind and heart with the good positive feelings of already having that, and thus every month I still feel a bit of a struggle instead of receiving in abundance.

My career is not where I would have wanted it to be, but I focus on the fact that I KNOW that I am on the road to greatness and legend, and thus my job is not a chore, but a joy. However, I still have moments where I cuss myself for not making different choices years before and thus I deprive myself of the true joy that I should be feeling to be advancing more rapidly within my career.

And lastly, the point that made me realize how true ALL of this is - my hair journey. Yes, it seems trivial to some, but hear me out. I have been in a negative space for the past week or so. Yesterday I had a major wash day, putting in ALL the effort and time. And at the end of it all, I felt that my hair lacked shine, luster, movement and I could see that I have experienced some hectic breakage and shedding in just the past WEEK. And so I realised, my negative feelings have been SO powerful, that it affected me physically, specifically regarding my hair, which I take more notice of since starting my HHJ.

And THAT's where my epiphany originates from. I can't be positive and think positive selectively. I can't say that I can ALWAYS find a parking space in a crowded mall parking lot, but then I'm negative about the amount of money in my wallet. I can't be positive about my weight loss but then be negative about the condition of my skin. I can't be positive about my car (which I LOVE to drive) but then be negative about my flat. I can't be selective when it comes to changing my life!

Personal Monday directive: change comes with one step. That step for this week - SPEAK only in a positive manner. The mouth runneth over what the heart is full of. If I can control what I say, I can control what I think, I can control what  feel. Point is, today is a new day. And I wish to experience the best of this day, every day.

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