Monday, June 18, 2012

A bit of a review

And it's Monday once more, the start of a new week, with new challenges laying ahead of us all. As well as a day for a bit of reflection for the week gone by. And it has gone by quickly. 

Quick update - I've had a monster of a cold which is only dissipating now. I had an assignment which was handed in 2 minutes before cut off time. I've learned that a hot water bottle is MAGIC to warm the bed during these FREEZING winter months without chasing up my power bill. And I've tried out a new product and I officially need to put my thoughts down, because it's bad. 

Okay, first of all, this is a short product review and it is NOT sponsored. The brand is Dr Miracle's and the products that I've tried include the Anti-Breakage Strengthening Creme, the Deep Conditioning Treatment and the Conditioning Leave-in treatment, all of which formed part of the Conditioning Treatment Pack. I admit, my expectations were a little on the high side because of a colleague who sang the products' praises. However, I was sorely disappointed. And here's why:
  • the leave in conditioner gave NO slip whatsoever and left my hair feeling hard and unmanageable whilst attempting to rollerset. Because I didn't want to throw away the rest of the packet I mixed it with my conditioner/water/glycerin mix, and the result is a bit more shine, but I will not buy this product again. 
  • the deep conditioner was also a disappointment. Yes, the tingle upon the scalp felt nice. Yes, it smelled nice. Yes, my hair felt soft right after I rinsed it. No, my hair did not continue to feel soft during the roller setting process. No, my hair did not feel soft after it dried. No, my hair had no shine or movement. No, I will not purchase this product again. 
  • the anti-breakage cream was the MOST disappointing. I decided to use it as if a growth aid and hair dress and to seal, since it contains petrolatum in its ingredients list. Again the tingle felt nice, it makes one believe that your hair is growing. But during the little over two weeks of using the product (applying it every night, with this product, a little really does go a LONG way) I've noticed INCREASED breakage and shedding, especially in the front half of my head. 
On the flip side, I can feel that my hair has grown quite a bit, especially around my crown and back, even around the nape(which never happened in the past) so I am not discouraged by this little set back. 

In conclusion, there are MANY products in the Dr Miracle's lineup, but after being sorely disappointed after simply testing only 3 of those, I don't think that I will be attempting any others. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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