Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pub Quiz

A little tradition has developed in my circle, that of a Pub Quiz Night every Thursday night. Due to LOGISTICS we have not been able to enjoy this little ritual for two weeks! And I'm having some withdrawal symptoms. Two weeks!!

Here's the deal. There was an awesome venue where the quiz nights were held. They served awesome cocktails, the ambiance was fabulous and we all liked it there! Now the venue has changed. Not the biggest deal on earth, except that other events often coincide and thus class with our beloved ritual. Which is again the case. Some hypnotist is performing and thus NO QUIZ NIGHT. My gray matter already feels a little dull, it would have been nice to be challenged and to spark things up again.

Speaking of which - in the past we used to have nights of playing 30 Seconds, which does not happen anymore. Yes, we still have sporadic poker nights, but I miss the intellectual stimulation and hilarity and frivolity that went hand in hand with 30 Seconds. Essentially, Quiz night ended up being the solution and NOW logistics are messing with us. And it's no fun at all!


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  1. i AGREE, im needing my quiz night fix, before i leave for SA anyway, looks like its not gonna happen. With me leaving iv got a brighter crayon in the box who can take my place! :)