Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just a terrible wash day...and a slight review

Yes, yes, yes, I know, it's been a minute. In all honesty I've been running around like a crazy person at work and at the same time getting to know myself all over again. That however is a story for another post.

What I want to talk about today is the fact that I tried out a new product, based on rave reviews online and my own sister liking the CRAP out of this product. That being ORS Olive Oil Hair Masque Deep Treatment.  So, the instructions say that it's an intensive treatment that cannot be used on a too regular basis and when one applies it, that 5-10 minutes is sufficient, depending on whether heat is used or the extent of damage to one's hair. I thought, since my hair's health has picked up quite a bit that 5 minutes under a shower cap in the shower while washing the rest of my body would be sufficient.

So...I got a sample of sulfate free shampoo from The Body Shop. It lathered up very nicely for a sulfate free shampoo, and my hair felt clean, but it simply didn't feel right. I don't know how to describe it. Nevertheless, I then put on the Masque and detangled when my hair was drenched in it. And this is where the nonsense started:
1. Very little slip. It took forever to detangle my still short hair and I wasn't even 9 weeks post at the time!
2. Because of the lack of slip I ended up with a lot of hair in my comb after the detangle session, much more than usual. I had to talk very sternly to myself to not start crying right there in the shower!

I then put on my shower cap and had a nice long shower, hoping the steam of the shower would also benefit my hair along with the product.

When I rinsed out the masque my hair just felt wrong, very wrong. Not soft, not conditioned, but freaking HARD! And then I had a light bulb moment - this must be a HARD protein treatment. I immediately grabbed my Tresseme Moisturizing Conditioner and slathered it on, and I mean SLATHERED. Unfortunately, it only helped a little. Trying to rollerset was close to IMPOSSIBLE. But I pushed through, if I left my hair to just airdry like that this disaster would have been even greater. I however did not use any heat to have my hair dry in the rollers, so it took about 4-5 hours, during which I indulged my current Supernatural obsession. On a side not, isn't Dean Winchester just the perfect guy?? I would SO go along on those hunting trips with him. Damn!!

Okay, in any event, after my hair dried, I took out the rollers, moisturized and sealed and wrapped. My hair felt crunchy and off for days!! Friends and colleagues did say that it had a nice shine, but I just hated how it felt, and the amount of breakage I experienced for the first two days afterwards.

Lesson learnt - that is what a protein overload feels like. I still have the masque, it's too damn expensive to throw away. But I will be using it once a month only, and I will make sure to prepoo with a moisturizing conditioner instead of oil, so that I don't throw out the balance again.

Any similar experiences?

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