Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moisture is my friend!!

After my protein overload disaster, I have been VERY careful with my tresses, as well as upping the moisturizing. Last week Thursday (19 July 2012) I decided to indulge myself and try out a product that a myriad of people have also been raving about. I know, I know, I should not be jumping on every bandwagon, but I have been craving to try this for MONTHS and it's finally available locally. And that would be....drum roll please....Aussie Mega Moisture!! So I forked over the N$ 70 (about US$ 10) for a 200ml bottle and off I went. That evening I did my pre-poo with a mixture of warm coconut and castor oil. My head was an oil slick. I gently detangled (very little shedding and breakage, yippee!!!) and then covered the oil slick with a plastic baggy and my shower cap and then chilled with Supernatural for the duration of an episode. (Yes, I know I'm addicted. And I couldn't care less, lol) after that I jumped in the shower and lightly shampooed with Avon Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry and Damaged hair. I also did my first black tea rinse then, standing in the shower, tilting my head back and throwing the tea over my hair. I then first conditioned with my Tresseme, for the singular reason to detangle, and then I rinsed. I then slathered on the Aussie Conditioner.

First off, it smells DIVINE!! I love the scent, it has a calming effect and it filled the entire bathroom. Secondly, the conditioner has nice slip. Now, it may be that my hair has already received a shot of moisture from the Tresseme, but the Aussie is so much thicker, I truly felt as if my hair was being drenched in goodness. I covered my hair with the shower cap again and proceeded to wash myself and giving myself over to the lovely scents floating around my bathroom. When I was done I rinsed and my hair felt AWESOME!! It was soft, and detangled, and silky, and it still smelt like the conditioner.

I got dressed at the speed of lightning in my nice warm PJ's (it's winter over here people, and it's COLD) and then proceeded to roller set my hair, using my Dark & Lovely Spritz Moisturizer as leave in, spritzing my hair with it as I'm rolling. It was also on of the easier roller sets, the hair simply glided onto the roller. (my mesh roller have little "teeth") 

I didn't want to stay up ALL night waiting for it to dry so I used my hairdryer on its cold air setting and blasted my hair with the cold hair to help dry it faster. And holy crap!! When it was dry and came out of the rollers it was soft, and flippen shiny! And it still smelled SO awesome! By the way, the fragrance lingered for about three days) I decided to flat iron my roots and then wrap my hair, and I word my hair out the next day. EVERYBODY was commenting and complimenting me on how good my hair looked and how the improvement in health is beyond visible. And those who rarely see my hair out could not believe the added length. I walked on a cloud the ENTIRE Thursday! Yes, Aussie is bloody expensive, but I think it was worth it. It truly was a happy hair day! Check it out.

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