Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Donut bun, yippee!

So, because my hear is not SL yet, whenever I felt like wearing a bun, I would whip out the faux pony and then make a bun using that. It was simple and easy and it's protective, my ends being completely tucked away. Last night however, I watched Ebony's  video on how to make a healthier sock bun, and it clicked in my head, that maybe, just maybe, my own hair is long enough to attempt a sock bun, and so I decided that I need to try it, I have nothing to lose. I haven't done it since high school, and even back then I swear, I never did do it right.

So I found a sock. It's not an old raggedy sock, but its partner has been chowed by the washer. (Yes, I believe that washers and dryers eat socks!!) Snipped off the toe and proceeded to fold my donut. It's a 100 percent cotton sock, so I found a ripped pair of silk stocks and proceeded to cut of the calve section, as well as it's toe and rolled that over the already formed sock donut so that it's silky and smooth and doesn't absorb all the moisture from my hair. And then I tested it out. And it WORKED! My OWN hair was in a bun! And it looks good. At least I think so.

The faux pony will always be there, it's a quick fix for a quick style change. But I love not having to be dependent on it with regards to wearing a bun. So far, it has truly been a happy hair week!!

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