Thursday, June 13, 2013

A quick wash and go

Yesterday I realised that my hair is screaming to be washed. I've been protective styling with a BIG bun for about 3 days and my hair has decided that enough is enough. Unfortunately my social life kind of collided with my hair's needs, so I had to find a way to deal with it. My solution, a very quick wash! And this is how it went:
Disclaimer: This is not my normal wash day routine, and I would not recommend this being done more than once ever 3-4 months!

1. I detangled with my fingers and wide tooth comb and then jumped in the shower. There was literally no time for a prepoo.

2. I shampooed with Protein Feed Moisturizing Shampoo, as I suspected that my hair actually needs a protein boost, taking into consideration all the freaking breakage I've been experiencing.

3. I quick conditioned with Pantene Moisture Renewal Conditioner. My hair really drinks in this stuff, and it has the most wonderful slip, and thus I detangled my hair.

4. After rinsing the conditioner I applied ORS Hair Mayonnaise(some more protein), "deep conditioning" my hair for about 10 minutes whilst I finished the rest of my shower duties.

5. Making sure to thoroughly rinse the hair mayonnaise, I then wrapped my hair in a gym t-shirt. I'ts made of silky soft material so there was very little friction, thank heavens. I kept it like that for about 5 minutes, then applied my leave in, Avon Moisture IQ Leave in Treatment.

6. I proceeded to rollerset, working at the speed of a crazed person. Remember people, my social life is VERY important to me and I had about 30-45 minutes before having to meet up with friends. Thank heavens my hair's freshly relaxed, the roller setting process went quickly and uneventfully.

7. I proceeded to dry my hair with by blow dryer, using it on the hot high setting for the first time in I don't know how long, as time was running out.

8. The next part is the part that should not be done in general to one's hair. When my hair was about 80% dry, I proceeded to remove the rollers one by one and then blow drying each section with the hair dryer and a round brush, thereby also straightening the hair.

9. Once my whole head was dry, I applied Kair silicone serum and coconut oil, wrapped my hair and proceeded to get dressed and finishing my make-up. When I was done with all that, I took down the wrapped, combed my hair down and out the door I went. Of course, half way through the night I found a bobby pin and proceeded to french braid my hair, tucking ends in with the pin. My hair is still in said braid. Protective styling seemingly comes naturally to me, lol..

Bit of a long rambly explanation, but THAT, was how I washed my hair when I was in a hurry. I'm saving Saturday for my PROPER wash day though, which shall include not only a nice long pre-poo and a nice long DC, but also a tea rinse and air drying in the rollers. It'll be epic!

Have a great phuza Thursday y'all!!

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