Friday, June 7, 2013

21 Questions

I saw this on and simply had to do it as well, thinking that the type of questions and of course answers give so much insight wih regard to one's hair journey. So here goes:

1. Why did you start taking better care of your hair?

My hair was a mess. Ear length, breaking all over the place, dry, lacking lustre. And I was sick of it. In addition, my trusty hairdresser disappeared from the face of the earth. So I had one of two options - trust a stranger or trust myself with the help of the hair blogosphere. I decided on the latter.

2. What are your two favorite products?

Well, I have become a bit of a product junkie since starting my journey, but my favorite products that are ALWAYS in my bathroom are coconut oil and ORS Replenishing Conditioner.

3. Who's hair did you admire as a child?

That would be a tie between Topanga from Boy meets World and Ashleigh from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

4. What is your ultimate goal length?

Well, I JUST reached shoulder length, so right now I'm focusing on reaching APL within hopefully the next year. Ultimate goal however would be mid back length. Give me a couple of years, lol.

5. How are you gonna celebrate when you reach it?

Wear it out and do like Willow Smith sings - Whip my hair back and forth!

6. Two styles you want to try on your goal length?

Katniss braid! Sure there are many styles that I'll play around with, but the Katniss braid will be the ultimate.

7. Health or length?

Well, without health, the length won't come, so the focus is health (in order to gain the dang length!)

8. Which do you prefer - hair ties or butterfly clips?

Hair ties with no metal parts, although I mostly use bobby pins to pin my hair up.

9. What products do you prefer: salon brands, organic brands, drugstore brands, beauty supply store brands?

Well, I use a variety of all of the above, except that salon brands are DANG expensive and freaking hard to come by in general.

10. Which product/techniquedo you think is underrated?

Well, a technique that I think many people don't give sufficient kudos is roller setting. A product that's underrated...I have no idea actually...natural oils have found their way into the cupboards and drawers and shelves of every lady on a hair journey, but it is a relatively new phenomena. As a kid I already knew that coconut oil does my hair good, and I rediscovered it as an adult.

11. What product/technique do you think is OVER rated?

In my mind washing my hair in sections, it's too convaluted to me. I prepoo in sections, braiding up the sections after applying whatever I'm prepooing with, but the minute I stand under the shower and start WASHING, I loosen the braids as I rinse out the products. Otherwise my hair simply does not feel cleansed. An over rated product in my mind is ORS Olive Oil Hair Masque. It has NO slip, my hair does NOT feel awesome, especially considering its damn price. No thank you!

12. What's the favorite part of your hair regimen?

Deep conditioning - because it's the laziest part of my wash day routine. I usually put it on and then chill with it under a plastic cap for a good 2 hours while I watch a movie or a series or read a book. I love it because I'm taking care of my hair whilst relaxing at the same time.

13. What's the most annoying part of your regimen?

Detangling - especially if I've had my hair in a protective style for a couple of days and even more so if I'm more than 6 weeks post and my new growth is making its presence known properly.

14. Oils or butters?

Oils - never tried butters. Don't think I'll try them any time soon anyway, they seem SO thick and heavy. I like light leav in products.

15. Buns or ponytails?

Ponytails, especially recently that my hair is longer and the pony has a bit of swang to it, lol.

16. Wig or weave?

Wigs. My last weave experience was a horrible one and has scarred me. Wigs however - I love its temporaryand versatile  nature and the fact that it is STILL a protective styling method.

17. What's your opinion on growth aids?

Honestly I don't know. There is one supplement that I want to give a try, maybe in a while I'll be able to give a proper answer.

18. What length do you consider long?

The minute hair hits the APL mark, I consider it long.

19. When's the last time you've been to a salon?

29 June 2012 - almost a full year ago, for a wash and blow out. I don't trust hairdressers to be as careful, gentle and conscious of my hair as I am myself.

20. What do you surf most - Youtubechannels, personal blogs or forums?

Personal blogs. It appeals more to me, it sometimes feels like I'm reading a letter from a friend.

21. What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting on their hair journey?

Be PATIENT! Do not expect results over night. Be patient, be vigilant, be consistent. And do your research!!


  1. I love this line: "Personal blogs. It appeals more to me, it sometimes feels like I'm reading a letter from a friend. "

    I thought that I was the only person that felt that way!