Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank you for small miracles

It's amazing how one's general attitude towards things changes if a certain aspect, which has created a semi-comfort zone, is no longer present. Suddenly you're lethargic, and tired and simply not in the mood to deal with the BS of the day to day workings of your life. Then, one day, miraculously, that one little facet returns and it's as if the sun is returning from beyond the clouds.

And no, I am SO not talking about any type of romantic involvement. I'm talking about my job! When one works with idiots and these idiots dominate the space that you're supposed to be build a career in, it is nice to have someone of your intellectual caliber with whom decent communications can take place.

Once the intellectual equal, or even sometimes superior, goes away and the idiots take over, it leads to a complete lack of personal motivation to actually stay at the office for the full required 8 hours. Of course my sense of dedication is off,what the hell was expected. But now, I've got a silver lining again. Thank heavens for small miracles. :-)

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