Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Suggestions for harmonious partying

After this past generally legendary weekend, I have realised that there are still people that cannot conduct themselves to generally accepted codes of behaviour, or slightly more diplomatically put - suggestions for harmious living, or even harmonious partying. So, I am taking it upon myself to put a few out into cyberspace in the fatal hope that they might be followed by others.

SHL 1: When going to a party, do not show up empty handed, even if the only thing you contribute is a plate of snacks or a six pack of beer. It's just good manners.

SHL 2: When invited to a party and the time given is 7, please do your best to rock up at said time. If circumstances out of your control prevents you from arriving in a timous manner, please inform the host of said circumstances in a timely fashion. This will prevent that she suffers from "Nobody likes me" anxiety.

SHL 3: Should you be invited to said party in an indirect manner, i.e. by a friend of the host that is already invited, please greet the host as you enter. No one likes it when someone just makes themselves at home in your house and you haveno idea who the hell they are.

SHL 4: Never, ever, ever develop a case of sticky fingers whilst at someone else's house. And if you should have developed this condition and were caught, you should especially never create drama or kick up a fuss. Simply bow your head and try to dissapear as quietly as possible. DO NOT RUIN THE PARTY FOR EVERYBODY ELSE INVOLVED.

SHL 5: It never hurts to ask the host if there's something you could help with. Chances are good that he or she will tell you to sit on your ass and relax and enjoy yourself, but the thought will be appreciated and a return engagement will definitely be coming your way.

SHL 6: Should you want to bring other people to the party that were not invited by the host, please ask the host beforehand if this is okay, especially if all parties involved do not know each other. Also ensure that these people have accommodating personalities that will not clash. The last thing you want is to have the jost be uncomfortable at his or her own party.

Well, I think that should about cover it. It doesn't take much to have a n awesome party, but it also doesn't take much to ruin a supposed happy occasion for everyone. It actually jaust takes one ass. Let's all try to not be asses! Till next time.

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