Monday, September 2, 2013

August goals revisited and September goals

Winter is over! It is spring time! Time to quickly review my August goals and see what September has in store for me.

1. Moisturize and Seal every day - win! With the new Amla Legend 1001 Oils Cream it was a cinch. I really like this product!

2. Dust ends  - win! I took off very little but even just that light dusting already made a difference in the appearance of my hair and ends.

3. Co-wash at least once a week - almost. I co washed thrice during the month of August and my hair's moisture/protein balance truly felt on point before I went to have it twisted up.

4. Protective styling at least 4 days a week - win!

5. Go back to basics on wash day - win!

6. Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day - win!

7. Go to gym at least 4 days a week - big fail!! I made it to gym a grand total of four times for the entire month! I have a relatively valid excuse though - my blood pressure was through the roof, I was so dizzy that just walking across a room was a mission. It's under control now so I trust that during September I'll see the inside of the gym more often.

8. Focus on cardio - well, win, sort of. The times I did go to gym I did exactly that.

9. Limit calorie intake to 1200 - basically a win, except for a couple of days that I went out to dinner with friends or family.

10. Limit carb intake to two days a week - fail :-( I really need to start distancing myself from egg salad sandwiches!

11. Get a multivitamin and drink it daily - fail.

12. Sauna/steam room once a week - epic fail.

And there you have it. Mostly a win on the hair front, a big old flop on the health side. I'm not very happy with myself but I'll just try to do better this coming month.


As I told y'all I had twists installed last week, and I'm planning to keep the twists for about 8 weeks. It might be a little shorter than that since I'm already feeling one or two twists wanting to slip out, but we'll see how it goes. So, here's my goals for this month, and thus also my idea of a braid/twist regimen:

1. Moisturize roots, scalp and hair daily with spritz or braidspray.

2. Give myself scalp massages with coconut oil at least every other day.

3. Wash my roots and scalp once a week with diluted shampoo. I'm actually considering getting a dry shampoo for in between freshness.

4. Sleep with satin scarf as usual.

5. Find cute styles to wear my twists in.

6. GO TO DAMN GYM 3-4 times a week.

I'm keeping it simpler this month, thanks to the twists. What are your goals for the first month of spring? (that is of course if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, lol)

Have a cooking Monday!


  1. I suck at making monthly goals. Ha-ha! However, I have a 5k in about 7 weeks that I've been training for over the last few months. I want to kick my training up a notch this month by chillaxin on the desserts. Oh sweet tooth why must you torment me?

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. If you end up getting a dry shampoo, please share with us! I'd be interested in reading about how it goes. Good luck with your goals this month, they're definitely attainable!