Thursday, September 19, 2013

A short update

Hi there everybody. Sorry for the quiet the past couple of weeks, but being twisted up and all hair has become quite simple hairwise.

In other news though - I resigned from my job and will be starting with a brand new company the 1st of October!! I am uber excited! Of course, it means a couple of late nights working to tie up my loose ends at the office, but that's a good thing.

Secondly, right now I've got the freaking flu and I feel all nasal and congested and horrible! I won't wish this upon my worst enemy! Yes, not even on the douchebag ex, lol.

Thirdly - y'all remember my Motions relaxer review? Well, it seems somebody from the company had a glance at it and they contacted me to exactly find out what I did not like about their product. I am quite impressed with their diligence. I still won't use their relaxer again, but maybe I'll try out some of their other products. When I do I will keep y'all updated.

And lastly, it seems as if my hair actually grows faster than I thought. This is week 4 of me being in twists and those twists are slowly turning into box braids as I neaten it up. A lot of new growth is showing at the base of each twist, which does not look neat. So every night I sit and rebraid a few (around 6-10) since I don't know how to retwist them. I gently loosen the twist, detangle that little section of hair using my very slippy TCB Bone Strait leave in, apply Amla Legend 1001 oil wrap cream as a moisturizer and then rebraid. I see practically NO breakage and this way I'm getting rid of shed hair intermittently so that when the day comes that I take down ALL of the twists/braids, detangling and getting out all the shed hair will be a breeze. I also love the feeling of my new growth, and I think that I may have been mistaken, that I might actually have 3c hair and not 4a, as I have believed all my life. Apart from that my basic regiment regarding my braids is one step - braid spray, braid spray, braid spray! It's such a moisturizing spray that I can see myself using it on my hair after the braids are out as a leave in and/or moisturizer. I spritz it on at least twice a day, and at night I then cover my hair with a satin scarf and go to bed. See - simplified hair life.

How's everybody else doing this week? Have a good Thursday, the weekend's almost here!

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