Monday, March 4, 2013

Two down, one to go - L4LPSC

I have just noticed that I have not posted anything in weeks. To be honest I've been feeling a little un-inspired. Also, life has been a little crazy as well, but regardless, I have been keeping up with my hair responsibilities. It's officially Autumn now, so some things might become a little easier, such as less sweat when I'm not even working out. Sweating while exercising - expected and preventative measures taking. Sweating as if you're working out whilst chilling on your friend's patio - unacceptable!! I'm looking forward to the cooler weather of Autumn and minimizing of stress (from environmental heat) on my hair. 

The challenge has been going great, I have been finding more creative ways to wear my hair up. This morning I noticed how much longer my little pony felt as I was twisting it into a semi-chignon for work. I've also had less breakage, however, I've got quite a bit of shedding, which worries me. I have done tea rinses, I have eliminated products I think were contributing, and still - so many long hairs in my hand on wash day!! 

I did switch up my routine just a little bit. I continued to do the usual - wash and deep condition weekly, moisturize and seal, sleep with a silk scarf and bonnet. However, the last two wash days I did pretty intense pre-poo's. My aunt gave me a bottle of Amway Satinique Moisturizing Detangler. She LOVES it as a conditioner and our hair is pretty much the same texture. I used it once as an instant conditioner before applying my DC. I was so disappointed at how this very expensive conditioner did absolutely NOTHING for my hair. I didn't want to throw it out though. It was a gift AND it's bloody expensive. So...I mixed it with coconut oil and used it as a prepoo. And as a prepoo, the conditioner/coconut oil mix worked like a CHARM. My hair felt like butter after rinsing that, to the extent that felt that I didn't really need the DC, but of course I still did DC. And oh my hat, my hair is so shiny!! I won't use that conditioner again (I finished the 200ml bottle in 2 prepoo uses) BUT I now know that a crappy conditioner PLUS coconut oil could be a GREAT prepoo! 

With regard to the protective challenge, I had one down day this month, which puts my at a total of 2 down days used, with 5 to go, and I'm not even sure I'm going to use them. I really thought keeping my hair up and tucked would be a struggle, but it's easier than I thought, ESPECIALLY after I discovered that I can pretty decent French braiding and flat two strand twists!! I did take some pics, will put them up at a later stage, they're on my phone and I don't have a USB cable right now. 

In any event, something else that I realized - I really can't live without roller setting. Smoother hair is just so much easier to put in a bun, or to braid, or to twist. I also believe my length retention is better when I keep my hair smoother. Detangling is less of an issue, which reduces breakage from any handling. I'm currently about 4 weeks post (I REALLY am not 100 % sure at this moment) so I'm trying to keep my hair smooth without heat and without too much handling during the week but putting it up and at night simply taking out the pins or clip and wrapping the satin scarf around it without fidgeting too much. 

I think the last month of the challenge is gonna be a breeze. I'm just going to continue doing what I'm doing and take care of my hair. So often people say I'm hair obsessed, but at this stage I really couldn't give a crap. It's my CROWN and I shall keep it soft and shiny and have it grow, grow, grow!!

Have a good Monday everybody!


  1. I have been there, not necessarily uninspired but definitely not feeling like doing the most with my hair. Then I resort to wigs/weaves for a while. I can't wait to see your progress, I have a feeling its gonna be great!

    1. Thanks hon. Personally I'm also looking forward to it. Planing on making a day of it. My friend is a brilliant photographer and I'm going to ask her if she can't take some DECENT length check pics at the end of the challenge.