Monday, March 11, 2013

Twisting it up!

And we're in the last stretch of the Protective Styling Challenge. In my previous post I just quickly checked in, but today I wish to share a couple of the styles I've been trying out this past month. Again, kindly note that phone camera quality generally sucks, and please forgive me. There will come a day with DECENT pictures.
Anyhoo, here goes, in no specific order:

Two strand flat twists

Two strand twist in the front with french braiding down the back
Simple french braid, although I love my little butterfly clip

I'm planning to try more styles involving the twists, as I can keep them in for 2-3 days, which is the whole point of protective styling, right? Also, I am considering continuing with protective styling even after the challenge's culmination. I'm thinking of doing the final length check for the challenge and then putting in box braids for about 8 weeks. But I haven't finally decided yet, will see how I feel at that stage. 

Until next time, I have a great week everybody!

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