Monday, January 21, 2013

What a weekend!

The new week is upon us and again we need to put our noses to the grind stone for the next five days. This past weekend though has left me with some awesome memories. Specifically, I tried something new and although it was a bit of a hair raising experience, it had a positive outcome. One of my oldest friends and her new husband were bound to leave our sunny country for wintry Denmark yesterday, where he is from and where they will be living their lives. Prior to their departure they had a little farewell party where her husband introduced us to a Swedish delicacy, of which the main ingredient was fermented herring. Yeah, it sounds horrible, and when you open the can of fish, it hits you with the smell of a thousand mermaid farts. But it ended up tasting MUCH better than it smelled. On a piece of melba toast, you layer the fish, a piece of boiled potato, a couple of slices of red onion and a dollop of cream cheese, and then you chow it down. The combination of tastes and textures work very well together and I ended up having FOUR servings! 

Prior to the farewell party, I had my wash day and I think it was a success, although I still lost more hair than what I'm comfortable with. I'm nine weeks post and I don't know if I'll make it to a full 12 week stretch. I might just cave in at ten weeks. In any event, quick recap of my wash day:
  • Prepoo with ORS Olive Oil Hair Masque. I really do love jars. I finished the Masque and was able to scrape out the very last drops. Due to it being so thick I again sprayed my hair with my water and conditioner mix as I applied the masque. I tried to handle my hair as gently as possible. Wrapped my hair in a plastic cap and watched an episode of 2 Broke Girls. 
  • Shampooed with ORS Creamy aloe Shampoo. I LOVE how this shampoo makes my hair feel, although I can't use it too much due to it's chelating properties. 
  • Used my Protein Feed Moisturizing Conditioner as instant conditioner, detangling in the process. Even though I'm only nine weeks, my new growth feels insane! Which is another reason I might cave to relax sooner than planned. 
  • Did a black tea rinse, using 2 tea bags and mixing in some cinnamon. I didn't rinse the tea immediately afterwards. 
  • Deep conditioned with my beloved ORS Replenishing Conditioner, applying it on top of the tea that was still in my hair. Wrapped my hair up in a the plastic cap and bonnet and DC's for almost an hour. Rinsed the conditioner and tea simultaneously and my hair felt awesome. I wrapped it up in a T-shirt for about 5-10 minutes to soak up the excess water. 
  • Applied my usual leave ins of Avon 3D and Bone Strait and proceeded to rollerset, spritzing my hair with my water and conditioner mix as I went along. Let my hair air dry in the roller and then pinned it up in a off to the side roll, and off I went to the party. 
It's only been my first tea rinse, so I'll see during the course of the week what my shedding situation looks like. The cinnamon was perhaps not the brightest idea, but it did impart a lovely shine to my hair, the different high and low lights shining nicely in the sun. I need to get a moisturizing deep conditioner as soon as possible. Although I LOVE my Replenishing Conditioner, I do not need my hair to experience a protein over load again. So, that's my mission for the next week - find a nice MOISTURIZING deep conditioner with which to alternate my protein DC. 

How was everybody else's weekend? Hang on to the memories y'all. Have a good week everybody!

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