Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Longing4Length Protective Styling Challenge

L4L Protective Styling Challenge

Here we go people. 2013 is upon us and I have decided to join in on Ebony's Protective Styling Challenge. My hair clearly DOES NOT like the summer. I have been experiencing breakage and shedding and I am truly hoping that this challenge will help me kick start my retention. I'm STILL not at full shoulder length and therefore shall be using my last length check photo as my starting pic as I have literally made NO progress since then, and thus I am very sad. At the same time I am SUPER motivated.

So here's where I am right now:

Here are the rules for the challenge: 

  • A protective style for purposes of this challenge is defined as any style in which your ends are not exposed or touching your clothing.  Buns, updos, french braids, french rolls, etc all count.
  • You may only wear your hair down for 7 days throughout the entire three months total!  Whether you choose to do one week, a couple of weekends or not at all – you only have a 7 day allowance.
  • Only one direct heat pass but try not to use it at all!
  • Protective styles means your ends must be hidden, so half up/half down ‘dos don’t count!
  • Must deep condition your hair at least two times per month.
  • You are not excluding from using fake hair – wigs, weaves, extensions, crochet braids, etc.
And there you have it. I am planing to braid up my hair soon, perhaps even within the next week so as to help me KEEP MY HANDS OUT OF MY HAIR. I am hoping to have a VERY swanging head of hair after this 3 month challenge and also find new and innovative and cute ways to protective style my hair which would benefit it most. 

Anyone else joining a challenge or two?


  1. YAY! Thank you for being the first to sign up! I'm sad though because I can't see your pics! GRRRRR

  2. Pleasure hon! I really don't know why my pics won't be visible to anyone. Any suggestions?