Thursday, August 28, 2014

I don't know what's wrong!

Hey there y'all

Today is the wash day post where I am seeking advice, desperately.

As y'all know, I relaxed my hair 2 weeks ago. Well, I had a wash day this past weekend and all kinds of bad things were happening.

Firstly - my hair was SO underprocessed that I am strongly considering doing a corrective relaxer once I'm 6 weeks post. Secondly, during EVERY stage - detangling, prepoo, shampoo, DC, rollersetting - the breakage was heart attack inducing! The last time I experienced breakage of this magnitude was BEFORE  I started my healthy hair journey two and a half years ago. Thirdly, my hair is DRY! I have been TRYING since wash day to incorporate more moisture, to no avail. And lastly, I can simply TOUCH my hair and I end up with small broken strands in my hands. The shedding has also reached new levels of ridiculous. In total (sorry for the lack of pics) I lost a ball of hair the size of a plum! (sobbing over keyboard)

Quick recap of how wash day actually went:

1. Finger detangled my curls from my flexi rod set whilst applying my prepoo of Tresemme Naturals Moisturising Conditioner mixed with a lot of sunflower oil.

2. Left prepoo on for a good 4 hours, my day became hectic.

3. Shampoo with Tresemme Naturals Moisturising Shampoo, which had my scalp on fire for some reason!

4. DC with ORS Replenishing Conditioner for about 30 minutes.

5. Applied leave ins of MorrocanOil Leave In Treatment and TCB Bone Strait.

6. Proceeded to rollerset, and then left hair to air dry in the rollers.

4 hours of airdrying later I removed the rollers, wrapped my hair and went to bed. My hair looked smooth (I am an expert roller setter) but felt dry, full of static, it actually felt like straw. Since wash day I have been trying to moisturise and seal, using the D&L Amla Legend Wrapping Cream and coconut oil. My hair still feels like crap. It looks okay, but you ladies know looks are nothing compared to the feel and health of our strands.


The Wash Day Experience

(Going to go sob into a glass of wine now)


  1. A few things came to my mind while reading your post. You need protein or you have low or high porosity, but I think it's the protein. When was the last time you had a protein treatment? I also thought maybe you could do a tea rinse.

  2. If I remember correctly you use a no-lye relaxer. Maybe you need to do a chelating shampoo to get the calcium deposits lifted before you can infuse moisture. Good luck in getting your hair feeling good again

  3. I agree with Taylor. My first thought was protein treatment. I'm not sure how Aphogee works for you. Nexxus also makes a good protein treatment. Hope you're able to get it under control.