Monday, November 11, 2013

Colour cravings somewhat satisfied

Alrighty. Y'all would remember that with my latest hair haul I also picked up a box of temporary hair colour, which is basically just a colour rinse, namely Caivil Colourshines in Racy Wine. I was aiming to be fierce redhead for a few weeks.

So last week, I got home and being slightly bored, I grabbed the box. Now, according to the instructions, hair must be shampooed first before applying the colour. Since my hair was quite clean, considering that my wash day was 2 days prior, I decided to forego shampooing and apply the colour from the word go.

The colour needs no mixing, it can be applied straight to ones hair, which is what I did. Out of the bottle it is the reddest of red that you can imagine, although the shade is a cooler red instead of the warmer red that I was expecting. Regardless, after seperating my hair into 4 quadrants I started applying it. After my haid was coated, I covered it with a couple of plastic bags an chilled with it for a good 45 minutes. According to the instructions, the deeper you want the colour, the longer you sit with it, adding heat if you want it to last longer than the normal 4-6 washes.

When I started rinsing - holy mother of Zues! The water refused to run clear people! It looked like my head was bleeding, lol. I still have patches of pink on my bath tub despite scrubbing like a crazy person. Anyhoo, when I was FED UP of being bent over the tub, I applied my trusted ORS Replenishing Conditioner, covered my head again and proceeded to deep condition for another 45 minutes. When I rinsed out the conditioner - more red coming out of the hair!!!! I was wondering if I will have ANY colour left on my hair once I'm done. My hair FELT great though.

I then put in my usual leave ins and proceeded to roller set. When my hair was dry and out of the rollers, I could FEEL that maybe I should have shampooed, my hair felt heavy. Soft, yes. But also heavy. Regardless, I did still have colour in my hair, but it's more a deep mahogany shine instead of colour that pops. Also, the colour rinse made my strands swell, meaning that my hair has been thicker and has had more volume since, which is nice. So I wrapped my hair and it came out pretty straight the next dat, so I just ponytailed it for the rest of the week. (I wish I could give y'all a pony tail comparison of my progress, but with my previous phone being stolen, all those pics are gone now. Oh well, I will just have to kind of start all over.)

And here's the result. Check out all of that stubborn colour left by my nape that did NOT want to be rinsed out, lol.

I still have a little of the colour left in the bottle, I might give myself a touch up in a few weeks time to deepen the colour. 

What do y'all think of colour rinses? Anyone tried Caivil's Colourshines? 

Happy Monday everybody!

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