Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Greenhouse Effect

Hello there lovelies.

So, I did my relaxer touch up a 11 weeks post this past weekend. I used the Motions No Lye kit for the first time and I will say this - not any time soon again. I'll post a review on that soon. In any event, since my touch up, my ends have been feeling uber dry and raggedy, even though when I LOOK at them they seem fine. So I decided to try something that I have not done before, the greenhouse effect, or at least partially - I baggied my ends last night!! (Side note: I'm so happy that my ends are long enough to do that, i could jump for joy!)

Okay, so I moisturized my hair with my ORS Moisturizing Lotion diluted with water, sealed with a bit of olive oil, after which I pulled my ends into a pony. I covered the pony with a small sandwich baggy, tied it up with a ponytail holder and then proceeded to wrap the rest of my hair with a satin scarf. This morning - oh JOY! My ends felt SO soft and moisturized, to the point that either tonight or tomorrow night I am going to do the FULL greenhouse effect and baggy my entire head! This truly works! Because I'm in the Protective styling challenge, when I got up, I simply removed the ponytail holders and baggy and twisted my end up and put on an EZ comb - low manipulation and protective styling all in one!

I must say, that  am more and more appreciating the benefits of moisture with my hair. For the next couple of days I am going to focus on it in such a huge way, and not really care whether I look cute and then I'll see what the result is at my next wash day, when I plan to use my SINGLE heat pass as I want to do a length check. That check will hopefully be accompanied by some decent pics.

Until then, one more day to go then it's the weekend baby!! Have a good one everybody!

PS: So I did baggy my entire head, and my hair was closer to wet than damp, but it felt amazing!! I quickly set it with a few rollers and when they were dry pinned the sides and did half a French plait at the back, the end which I also pinned up. a very good hair day - moisture and protective styling for the win!

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