Thursday, June 18, 2015

Do guys care for their beards?

The subject matter is a genuine query, because I really want to know.

The whole "lumbersexual" look is really hot right now. Everywhere you look you see men in lush beards, and on a lot of them, yep, it looks HOT. I mean, just look at the fine specimens below. (Fanning myself...)

I have two friends with very lush beards, as in, their beards contain SO MUCH more hair than what is on top of their heads. And it seems like they both are of the opinion that their mojo lies in their beards. Anyhoo, I've never actually asked them myself, but I will. In the meantime, out there in the whole wide world internet, I was wondering if any of y'all know if:

  • guys shampoo and condition their beards like girls take care of their hair?
  • they trim their beards without losing volume and lush the way women trim and dust theirs?
  • they use leave in products or if they're just wild men? 
If there are any gents out there sporting a lush beard, kindly inform us. If there are any ladies out there whose significant other sports a lush beard, drag some answers out of them, lol. 

Anyhoo, that's my curious question for the week. 

Have a good one y'all!!!!

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